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Mitch Prax Nov 2019
I don't know how much
you had to drink but I know
you were completely out of your senses.
I couldn't quite make out the words,
but I guess even then,
it felt good to hear some affection.
Oh, how terse the mind is deceived
so easily by the false mask
of a bottle of ***.
mythie Mar 2018
Your voice.
The way you smile.
You sing.
I love it all.

I bow down to you, my queen.
I'll do anything you ask of me.
I tenderly kiss your hand.
Because I am your mere knight.

Your laugh.
The way you dance.
You see.
I love it all.

I'd lay down my life for you, my queen.
I'll do anything you ask of me.
I'd die just to feed your smile.
Because I am your mere knight.

Your love.
The way you hug me.
You kiss me.
I love it all.

But I know, my queen.
If I died for you.
You'd mourn and weep.
You wouldn't be the same.

Because even if I live to serve you.
You live off my affection.
My love for you.
So don't cry, my queen.

I'll love you until death do us part.
for sarah.
halfmoonprincess Feb 2018
Young love,
Sweet as honey, yet leaves
a bitter taste lingering
rendering you unable to forget him
Leaves your core coiled
in knots
leaving you bereft of butterflies
that once fluttered
Excretes voluminous tears
      that never before existed

Young love,
every void filled
but as barren as land
you run miles & miles
until your heart succumbs
just to call him your man.
Scarlet Niamh Jun 2017
Wrap your arms around me
and trace circles
along my spine
with the soft skin
on your strumming hand.
~~ Peace, at last. ~~
Clindballe Feb 2016
I open the night with a cigarette.
The only thing throwing light on my face in the dark, falls like stars on the broken, walked tiling along blind alleys.
My kiss with the cigarette is more intimate than with his lips, more affectionate towards my inner than his touch.
If the sidewalk was a metaphor it would indicate my thoughts spoiled walk.
In the darkness I find peace in the chaos we created.
I become a chain smoker when he infiltrates my night vision and I forget where I am walking.
The only road home is through ash clouds searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.
Written: February 13. - 2015

Jeg åbner aftenen med en smøg. Det eneste der belyser mit ansigt i mørket, falder som stjerner på de knuste, begåede fliser langs blindeveje. Mit kys med smøgen er mere intimt end med hans læber, mere kærligt mod mit indre end hans berøring. Hvis fortovet var en metafor ville det betegne mine tankers spolerede gang. I mørket finder jeg roen i det kaos vi skabte. Jeg bliver kæderyger når han infiltrer mit nattesyn og jeg glemmer hvor jeg går. Den eneste vej hjem er gennem askeskyer, i søgen efter lyset for enden af tunnelen.
Robyn Jan 2016
Crystal honey
Sugar bath
No thought in love
No hesitation in touch
Small, warm animal
Safe and sound
No worry
No fear of thought
Early smile
Runs it's fingers through his hair
Little ginger tinkerbell
Fly, without care
Darkness knows of light
Light knows of love
Love knows you
You know me

Me knows of Self
Self recognizes the Other
Other one dissolves in You
You are my beloved One
Amorously dissolved

Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty
Ceryn Jul 2015
Our hearts, they're magnets,
we're both stuck at each other's warmth.
Our eyes speak louder,
as we see each other through and through.
Our lips, half-open,
expressing love in no disguise.
Our hands feel warmer,
when you grab mine, just squeeze it tighter.

Your smile, a remedy,
They make things right, so fine and tender.
Your words, comforting,
I know you're not gon' make me feel lonely.
Your voice, my weakness,
It sounds so deep, but still so ****.
Your laugh, my happiness,
I got the right one by my side.

You're being the man I want the most,
Your touch, your glances, the lust in your words,
My weakest point, your strength and passion,
Letting you in was my own decision.

I lay you my trust, make me feel no doubt,
I'd be giving out a love that'd tell you what it's all about,
Stuck in love at each other's stare,
There's no other feeling that I can compare,

Give me a love that's true and purest
I'll give you a kind like it's my very first time,
Show me your soul, your mind, your deepest
And let me tell you that you're mine.

You know my secrets, my shivers, my wishes
But you don't know you're one of them,
You are my all, my sparks, my sunshine,
You are a treasure, my dearest valentine.
Bits of corn all around, all around.

— The End —