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Katie Jan 28
Pull it from me, the love notes that make my heart sing
Light the fire that burns only the way we can understand
Make my body weak with desires only you can fulfill
Have my hands tremble at just the thought of you against me
I want to feel alive with you
Lennin B Ledesma Apr 2019
I’ve been lying to myself about the lies I kept hidden
Doing damage to myself and I despise the ******* feeling
And the red inside my eyes ain’t surprising if you with it
Cuz you either die a hero or surmise to be the villain
Or you lie to paint this image as you walk around pretending
And stressing about these problems that just seem are never ending
I’ve been lying to myself and honestly I’m so offended
I’m relying on some help I thought that I was independent
When being honest with yourself is a challenge in itself
Broken promises and searching for some balance and some help
And the pain you thought you felt is no comparison to hell
I’m dying deep inside, outside I’m doing well
But you probably couldn’t tell as I’m lying to your face
About all the pain I felt and I just probably needed space
Compulsive with the lies that I keep trying to embrace
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tired of this place
As we lay together
comfortably entwined,
and supine
in this bed.
I can’t get these thoughts
out of my head.

But then you slowly trace
your love on my face.

Your fingers brush across
my thighs, then hips.
You kiss my shoulder,
my neck,
my lips.

I swear to god, I could
stay here forever, just
like this.

-You quiet my demons..
Brandon Feb 2016
I see that girls love Beyoncé
Girls love to pick at your conscience
They hate when guys go dark
It's funny, she was no different
Nowadays, it's hard to meet women
Almost like my love life was finished
I've always adored commitment
That's why I was in this position
Who's ever scared to let girls in
You've got admirers, yet so do I
It's not just me, we both have to comply

{Set II: Brandon}
I know I deliver these smiles
But I change once I review her files
"She cheated with this and him"
The heart bled after seeing her 1930's film
I have accepted that I could be alone
But I know nothing has been set in stone
If you have such butterflies for the boy
Say my name like I'm not a decoy
Girls make it harder to trust your heart
I fool myself entirely from the start
If you're not running games,
Realize I can never be so tame
Mike L Aug 2015
I am in a black room
the smell of dust dominates the area
the air is still
The door slams open
I do not know what or whom it was
the air becomes thicker
almost suffocating
the hostility stabs into your flesh
almost ripping it off the bone
a high pitched scream fills the room
ears ringing
it becomes silent
The door slams shut
There is blood
it lays in pools on the hard chestnut floorboards
a body lays in the middle of the room
it's as cold as ice
and as blue as the salty ocean

I then began to grow numb
my body grows icy
I am now laying there where this mysterious cadaver once laid
I am content
Mike L Sep 2015
Surrounded by the crisp clean air
The Earth came up and surrounded me like a blanket
Leaves gathered around me
forming a cacoon
I slowly began to sink into the damp soil
but I did not get consumed by the planet's fiery core
I laid encassed
by the bright green leaves
the smell of the earthy soil
I was then pure
skyyy Aug 2015
I had this fantasy of sleeping with my boss

you were close enough

I miss sneaking around with you

I wonder if you think of me

I'm afraid to see you again
skyyy Aug 2015
When I close my eyes I see
My mom dying
Or my dad telling me he doesn't love me,
But last night I saw an angel
With blonde hair and pale skin.
Last night I saw a white bed and I was on the left
And she was on the right;
I saw little teeth peak though my lips.
Last night I saw an angel with a round face
And rosy cheeks.
She only giggled and I smiled so much
It hurt.
Last night I saw an angel that doesn't exist
And when I woke up
I knew I will never
Have a daughter because I
Wont remember that we made plans.
Last night I woke up to an angel
That smiled at me and I felt forever full,
But when I woke up I saw
A dark room where i sobbed
And my angel asked mommy why she can't
Come it.
And my beautiful baby girl-
Last night I saw an angel
I had a dream a few months ago of my daughter. I'm very sure I don't want kids but in that dream I felt a love that wasn't even real.
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