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The tenuous sense of self is crumbling
In a gentle breeze of slight rejection,
Whose worth is broken by extreme humbling
So breaking true self’s the self’s protection.

Breaking down instead of standing strong
Means the world must clean up all your pieces.
Even when the self feels the self is wrong
And the will to hold yourself releases.

The human soul is stronger than the hand.
The self survives outside a lover’s grip.
When you crumble you need to understand
Your own love is the greatest partnership.

You never considered how much trouble
It is to find heartbeats in the rubble.
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He gave
Almost everything,
Knowing she would take it.
And he let her
Because she needed it,
More even than she wanted it.
He gave
Almost everything,
But he kept enough
To still give compassion
When she left
Needing more
Than he could give.
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— The End —