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Francie Lynch Jul 2020
My grandchildren will read
The year had already passed,
By the time they were born,
To stop climate change.
I don't know how they will get the information.
I don't know when they will get the information.
I don't know from what or whom it will be delivered,
Or how it will be communicated.
I'm sure the news won't and shouldn't come from me;
Although it came duplicitously from me, and others;
Driving them everywhere, flying around, BBQing animals.
And all the entrapments of a twentieth century middle class life.
The grandkids will have serious questions,
Like Why?
I have loved you to death.
Will there be any to answer
When the signal arrives in 2070?
Kailey Jones Apr 2020
I've been on Earth for 5150 days
And I've come to the conclusion that
people are sick

We have stolen for only ourselves

We have killed without thinking twice

We have persecuted for thrills

We have taken advantage for satisfaction

We have tortured for revenge

We have blown up because of one man's instruction

We have terminated species for space

We have disrespected for payback

We have decimated for attention

We have walked out to lead a childless life

We have betrayed for fictional assurances

We have destroyed planets for Jordan's and KD's

We have airbourned sicknesses to control the population

It's what we're best at.
No one alive cannot check something off of this list
No matter how good our intentions are in this moment
We have humanized ourselves
I don't want to be humanized
I want to change
These are just some things that we humans have done by our natural, sadistic nature. I'm sorry.
Tess M Mar 2020
I cant sleep
no more
my brain is too



survival mode
Tess M Mar 2020
just hit my second decade
will it be my last?

are the questions
I ask in uni
worth the breath
I waste on it?

the papers I write,
the presentations I complete,
is anything worth it?

no one knows
lua Oct 2019
I saw you in the underworld when the earth collapsed

The incendiary skies burned bright;
And I saw you beneath its scorching glare
Standing by the banks of the river Styx
Your supple skin marred and stained
By soot and mud from below your feet
And burnmarks;
I know not where you got them

I called your name
Shouted it
Screamed it
But you did not hear me
You did not listen
Simply stared off into the distance
Body glowing, body burning
World glowing, world burning
I never saw you again

part 4
lua Oct 2019
you slipped and slipped from my fingers
until i could no longer feel yours
and the earth devoured you,
swallowed you,
ate you whole

you left me alone as the ground rippled and cracked beneath me
you left me alone as the waters grabbed my ankles and pulled me down
you left me alone as death came like raging ocean waves
like an explosion so spontaneous
i never had the time to open my mouth
to scream your name

you left me alone.
part 3
lua Oct 2019
i don't want to die, not yet at least
but the world is eating itself from the inside
and i feel your fingers slipping away from my grasp
the dogs are barking, their howls resonating in my head
bouncing off the walls of my subconscious
like sirens, a sign
a sign of the end of times
one that all should know of
when the waters begin to swallow nations whole
when the fires begin to devour the earth
when the earth freezes over and shatters, drifting across the solar system
when the earth burns to nothing but ash—

—"but i don't want to die"

i'll take what you said to the grave
even if its the last thing i'll ever hold on to.
part 2
Francie Lynch Aug 2015
I have a secret stash,
A tool box and an escape plan.
I can blend into a crowd,
Keep extra light bulbs
And a can of gasoline, a roll of tape.
There are no dull knives in the cutlery,
All the coats are on hangers,
Just in case of the drill.

When the air temp drops
I feel a hand grap my ankle.
The chance of headless horses
Clopping on asphalt afire is unlikely,
There'll be no open graves or walking dead.
The sun could blacken;
But certainly, no voice will proclaim,
In whom I am well-pleased.

It took ten thousand years
To fashion a bone hammer,
And when I passed it
I kicked it aside.
Mara W Kayh Jan 2015
to ponder anymore.
The time for action is nigh!
move forward regardless of
what's wrong
with the world.
Sickened by petty problems and pitiful personalities.
Just act!
maybe the wheels of time
Will march in our favour.
If we're lucky
Even nature could decide to join our crusade
And we might surface triumphant!
Whatever you do,
Promise to keep walking
while in this,
Our deep illusory self made hell
Stopping my mind from pondering what's wrong with everything.
Letting optimism surface

— The End —