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Past Feb 24
With eyes to see and
With ears to hear
No one is looking and
No one is listening
Sometimes we fall
Past Mar 2021
This is tyranny,
this is malicious,
this is undeniably done out of contempt.
The ire of this man cannot be expressed.
This is gluttony,
this is sinful,
take your coins and feed on the poor.
Sleep at night.
In the peaceful hours of dawn,
don’t blink and eye,
for I have ****** of my mind.
Past Mar 2021
The waves behind us
will always erase our footprints.
Past Mar 2021
This is the end.

The end of what?

Past Mar 2021
Dear motivation,
Without you I’m just a loading screen stuck in its animation.
Dear motivation,
Without you I’m lost in a void of lazy fascination.
Dear motivation,
Without you I’m just another piece of lonely fabrication.
Dear motivation,
Without you I’m stuck in a loop of endless imagination.
Dear motivation,
Without you I would lose my only foundation.
Past Jan 2021
You are trying so hard to distinguish yourself.
But you are despairingly plain hoping that you have a sliver of uniqueness any other person holds for granted.
You pride yourself to be different, to walk on a different path.
Yet we are all the same.
Past Dec 2020
High hilltops filled with dew
Low hanging fruit in plenty
Far away eyes seen with few
Unfilled urns lay empty
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