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Makenzie Marie May 2019
That moment when you’re somewhere between sleep and awake. That moment on a roller coaster as you drop at almost a 90° angle and your adrenaline surges. Your favorite song on the radio in the summer, when your windows are down and you’re singing along. The warmth and comfort that envelops you as you snuggle into bed. A sunrise. The moon rise. The galaxy of stars on a clear night in your small home town.
All of these things and feelings
You are every one of them, combined.
Jacob Reilly Dec 2018
Lately... like for the past 9 years, I have been on an emotional roller coaster that I've been screaming to get off, but I can't get off, and it keeps going and going, and no matter how hard I try to get off of this stupid ride, I can't get out of my seat. And I keep trying and trying and nothing is working and nothing ever works and I don't have enough motivation to try anymore, so I lose all of my hope and I am tossed and turned and this ride continues... and there are times when it slows down and the track isn't bumpy and I'm not thrown as much, and I don't feel as sick... and then the loopy loops and the hills and fast speeds and everything else starts to pick back up again. And I keep hoping for the ride to break down and stop and finally be over... so I don't have to suffer, anymore.
Spitz Oct 2018
Excitement building with height
shouts of joy escape laughing lips
a slight pause
to look down and get butterflies
that fly from your mouth
as you arch and fall
faster than gravity
clothes floating
threatening to catch flight
in the rushing wind
skin red from cold air
terror and exhilaration rein
laughing and screaming
forgetting the world
as the wind
tears away
all thoughts
as fingers brush the sky
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
Roller coaster...
it propels you to the zenith of ecstasy
to hurl you surlily to the pits of agony.

It mocks your senses,
turns your sensibilities upside down,
pounds your heart to panic bewilderment.

It dishevels your tranquillity,
shoves you to a hysteric frenzy,
pushes you into the dark world of insanity.

Still, we cherish the thrill of its madness,
outwit each other
to jump on the bandwagon
that takes us to the holes of delusion!
Anya Sep 2018
I write like a paintball machine
Spitting out ***** of paint
In flights of fancy

I write like I think
My thoughts
And emotions
Coming alive

I write like a roller coaster
My mood swings apparent
High to low
And sometimes
Just plain wired

I write like I sing
At moments belting it all out
Other times, softer
Taking the effort
To sing so others will like it

I write like a camera
Taking snapshots
Of everything surrounding me
Both outside
And inside

I write like I cry
The words coming out like an endless waterfall
In a short burst of emotion
Before it stops
And I am light as a feather

I could compare my writing to so much
It’d probably take longer than I have
To name them all
But with just this
I’m sure you can relate

Writing can be a lovely thing
Nick Stiltner Apr 2018
My head is stuck at the peaks of youthy rooftops
trapped in moving circles and daggers rotting brain.
I hover, gliding above the generated, empty plane, tracing the moving shadows below and tracking the nights that rain.

i was so careful but the lines oh the ever running lines they vibrate frantically, I cannot look away they dance back and forth between both crests of their prison, their XYZ axes gripping them trapping them within definite images between associations and contexts, between gleaming ascent and its tumbling recoil.

The ride hick-ups and pollutes the clouds
filling my scent and descent pulls at my stomach,
gravity yanks me back, pulling on my rope and
laughing all the while.

At first you fear it but then you are laughing and shouting
and throwing your arms in the air and having the wind rush
into your lungs and whip your hair it is so beautiful it is
unlawful it is unreal i cant be seeing this and it spirals and tumbles and shriekingly grinds to a halt, panting.
Morning Jan 2018
I am like a roller coaster
A twisted creaky track
Taking you on my ups and downs
Never holding back
Looping through the disarray
Of an introverted maniac

You hit that final drop
Around the last bend
Then to a full force stop
Some will have fun with me
Others maybe not
But in the end,
They all well get off
And leave me without a thought

I am like a roller coaster
A twisted creaky track
Behold the out of service sign
Sorry, no more riders.
I'm now completely wracked
aisha Dec 2017
life is a
roller coaster
I did not
to ride on
saranade Jul 2017
Rain, so fine just like dust
looking at sky, purple,
over-the-top roller coasters
Peaking at 92 mph
dodging the yellow
More than numbers, I passed
Cardboard windshield for glass
Clarity, it comes and goes
I need to slow down
Even when I'm
Not going
Fast enough.
Too fast. Not fast enough.
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