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You were my biggest fear
And now I am fearless
I was moving towards you
And you were standing on a Cliff
And beside you was someone I didn't knew
After knowing I found myself fall off
From the same surface where you two stood strong
He was a gangster
He must die
But the stories you tell
Must not be lies
I live on an island
But only when it rains
Water reaches to my knees
And dirt touches my feet

I live in a desert
But only when the weather is extreme
The wind is dry and hot
And no water to drink

Sometime it rains for days
Sometime it doesn't for months
Sometime I'm soaked
Sometime I'm too dry to sweat

It's only sometime
But I feel it everyday
I no longer have fear
Because it has been happening for years
People have rightly said
Love is blind
I never saw you coming
Nor I saw you leaving
Happy faces may not be happy
But the sad ones are sad
Hence proving
Pain is truth
Happiness can lie
You know I love you
And I know you don't
You say let's be friends
And I know we won't
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