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On a Cloudnine
night, dark skyline
blackish star-less-night.
Scary atmosphere
terrifying, ugly and
lazy. Nothang  
interesting about
night but dream.
However Dreamers
sleep not but live
their DREAM. Man
dies for fortune
searching in vain.
Wishing a kinda
Cloudnine night !

Big up stay
on top !
The sky is
always high,
there's no higher mountain β›°
as  heaven.
And the
Holy sacred
Book πŸ“™ of the Christian's
declared  seven
Everyone wishes
to stay alive and nevertheless
wants to
make heaven. Drop forget,
Heaven is
right there in
you create
your paradise.

I can't stop because I don't die until my dreams become reality. Hence I live eternity. On cloudnine ! 😊 πŸ’ͺ

Mmm life of stress, no rest. Nothang but Struggle, I ponder why it seems
trouble. No one
knows he
struggled, Dadda sa'd tide stays not longer. Weather wiggled unstable'.
Clouds appear awesome and the top of the skies smell so handsome. Top on the
peak of
world. Above adhere golden stones of light. Realistically loyal
to life.
Optimistically humanitarian.
more to life
Destitute, if there's any infrastructural,
love is, spread her wings she learnt to soar.
Human is made, none cultural.
Who did it save?
Transformation does not come without
Power of love create solidarity.
'4gi'e me' f'r my flaws already bow' my head. I wish
more freedom as free as tree (s) fixate hove on
Cloudnine as I'm high.

Van Xuan Sep 2019
You don't know the feeling
When we have a short conversation
Before you sleep every night
It's like I'm in heaven
Even if my day was hell
Abbie Sep 2018
Sometimes i wonder what I did to deserve the life I have
And to have you be a part of it...

...And I wonder how bad it is
For all those people who sadly relate to this
When my interpretation of this is happiness with you beyond measure

It’s crazy to think about which perspective people are taking this from and how different it can be from yours
Lekha Nath Sep 2018
Last seen 2:30 AM
This is my last message to you
I am sorry I won't be there to embrace you
I am sorry i will not  be there to kiss you
you don't need my love
i am a mess
I'll pull you down
you have wings
beautiful wings
fly high
You don't need me
nor my love
i am done
you will be fine
without me
i promise
you were a blessing
i am proud of you
i love you
i hope i meet you soon
until then goodbye
"But i need you
i am messed up too"
" why are you dead "
"why did you go away"
"you left me alone "
"in this complex state"
"I love you "
" so i am coming to you."
Ashley Hope Feb 2018
My hearts skipping beats right now,
the thought of everything that has ever happened comes crashing down,
I can describe the feeling as uncharted land,
I've never been here before,
never thought I'd land,
I sit up and breathe the fresh air,
the sent of flowers and the rustling of birds,
I've woken into a paradise,
I thought I'd never hold,
I start walking through some fresh cut grass,
the smell reminds me of a summer that i wish would forever last,
I come across a field of wheat,
I reach out and touch a feeling so sweet,
at the end of the field i see a tree,
It's beautiful and it has brown autumn leaves,
I sit under it and wonder how it can be so soothing even during a storm,
I stand up and keep heading south untill i reach a waterfall,
the water falling so peacefully without a care in the world,
the sound of it is like music to my ears,
i dive into the clear water and resurface without any fears,
as i wipe the water from my face everything has become clear,
there you are with your field colored hair,
those brown eyes i fall into without a care,
and oh your heart,
my beautiful waterfall,
so clear and so certain it's like a mirror without a wall,
so as i open my eyes i begin to see,
my paradise is you always smiling at me.
love <3
The Willow Dec 2016
I return to my home
back to earth from Cloud Nine
and my neck bends down
spine tattooed with the epitaph of
"Has-been Family."
"Love Forgotten."
"Complacent Connection."

"Maybe it's time to let him go."
"But this felt different."
"Maybe it was more for you than for him?"
"We'll see."

I can feel the stale love on your breath
I can feel it in the way that you are safe
in the way you write to me
the one who cried in your arms in the backseat when
I couldn't feel anything except grey
I was bogged down and you were my safety
you were my home
my love
my connection
you are so safe from me now.
They know how to make you forget the world
They will intentionally put you down to make you smile
The laughter that follows is glorious
They are your true friend
If they are there for you during your best times
And stick by your side during the worse
They are your true friend
If you have fought and thought it was over
You might have even taken them for granted
In the end if they are still by your side
They are your true friend
Love the ones you call a true friend

— The End —