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Jasmine dryer Apr 2020
And though my heart will go on forever more my body can not stay ,
I can’t  push it to go further,
it can't venture on anymore any further.
And while some will bow their heads in what the say in rembreant
but all they’ll remember is how she cried all the time.
She was such a bright girl how could she not make it,
and standing next to them is the person who thought they had faked it,
when she just couldn't take it,
and though she tried to replace it all
Push it down where no one could trace it
She couldn't
It stared her in the face
And locked her in place
In the empty streets she called her mind
At this point she knew she was running out of time
But all she could muster was “ I’m fine”
But look at her eyes. Such a nice shade of blue ,
  They look good on the girl who wanted to forget all she knew.
Then there's some who knew she turned to pills and felt no empathy,
just another druggy
She did it herself!
but the girl only had herself and no one else and the pills dulled the pain,
but it's hard to keep up when you feel you're going insane.
She stood out on the balcony one day and thought this was her chance to make the pain go away.  
She didn't know what to say
I mean it her last moment she thought
“I Should have something profound to exclaim”
So she looked straight into the sky
But no one could hear her
So it came out a whisper
all the kids hated her and despised, and they said she was better off dead
and though it hurt, she knew it was wrong
but this a democracy and majority rules
and she looked off to the sky only asking herself why
,but it was to late know she knew, all she could feel was this urge she grew
so she stepped up the banister , it couldn't last.
and with one step it was all gone so fast.
And now shifting eyes on her casket
Tears drippings
Though no one spoke
The silence talked and talked

And in the distance they heard the whisper of the wind
And a shudder down their spine
The wind uttered in their ears
Faint, a beg or cry
A plea
“Could you write a happy ending please”

“Can you write a happy ending please”

“Just a happy ending please”
Jasmine dryer Mar 2020
Do you plead guilty
For the ****** of me?
Stupid mirror,
Where have you hid her!
Where is she
I'm tired of being
What everyone wanted to see
I want to see myself
I want to be myself
No one else
But the shadows
Have pinned me down
Who am I supposed to be?
Who should I be today?
What mask should I wear?
I understand it's not fair.
You’ll never be better then rest,
We will put you through every test
So smile wide
Filled with false pride.
Run and hide
Don't come back
Let it melt away,
You don't really have to stay.
Just for a brief moment
It all comes back,
Life is hard
But I'm not this warped reflection
Of dimension
It's been a devotion
But I gotta go stupid mirror
You know things you shouldn’t know
But their not right,
Excuse me but I will fight
sad but a sliver of hope
Jasmine dryer Feb 2020
you believe what you perceive
and perceive based on your beliefs
Jasmine dryer Jan 2020
one one cares about girl no one knows
but no one knows her, because no one cares
Jasmine dryer Jan 2020
Come to the conclusion
This illusion
Was just delusions
Stop dressing these mannequins in your head
Forget the dark path they led
And make it the last time you cry
You cry?
From the sickening lie
You want to let them die
But darling,
Memories were never alive
she’s chaotic i know
but somehow, by the grace of some god,
she is the calm in my chaos, the eye in my storm
when she looks at me, the winds stop
when she touches me, the sun shines through
and when she speaks, the rains dissipate, leaving no trace of my dark despair
Jasmine dryer Dec 2019
Legend has it that most can’t breathe
Legend has that the blind have more to see
As we’re walking, into the dark sea
Just keep walking
Grey water up to the knees
Bright sky
No clouds to be seen
Shine in the sky
Or be buried below
Left to rot
Know one will know
Curious how the moral goes
Nobody knew
Nobody knows
But have you heard our story?
As the pages turn
The more we learn
Whistle up a tone
Our hands sing
what will they bring
Bright lights
Our garden
Bright beautiful
But have you heard the story
Of the very
Very few
Not many knew
What to do
We learned
All you have to do is breathe
If these thorns hurt
Burn it
Better then to learn it
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