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baby breathe
get away from these toxic fumes
and just do what you have to do
i wont hold you back
i'll silence my mental attacks
pop a couple a couple of prozac's
melt my brain
and take away our pain
but babe if you stay
keep that gas mask on
you said somethings you wish you didn't say
but your apologies
don't take away our pain
not wanting to admit
that you were cruel
who would admit to being cruel?
so like a 6 year old trying to shift the blame
"Rage did it, Rage did it", you exclaim!
unfortunately our feelings aren't a game
I'm not letting you in.
I'm not telling you why.
What you need from me-
I can not provide.

I'll tell you the story-
that you need to hear.
To save you from the real me-
that you'll grow to fear.

I'm not letting you in.
I'll tell you a lie.
You'll feel so heroic-
that you made it inside.

I try to warn you-
like thorns on a bush.
From the darkness inside-
deep down at the roots.

A poison that slowly flows through your veins-
changing the structure of your functioning brain.
I'm not letting you in.
But you've succeeded inside.

Despite all my efforts-
Your heart will cry.
throw me to the ground
I wont make a sound
this isn't by choice
it seems you've stolen my voice
you spit out regret
it sounds just like me
can't you see
who you're really hurting?
a silent plead
to stop
but your too far down
I'm left to watch you
miss every step
down these stares
don't you even care?
its to late
I watch it on loop
I look in the mirror
has rage stole your voice?
yes its stares not stairs
As we walk down this corridor
We are no more
just toys
Not allowed to make noise
Perfect and poise

But this dolls tattered gown
Left her with a frown
So she decided to search the play town
Just to find
The townsfolk
Have lost their mind

No one to fix her dress
She'd never be the best
Barbie would replace porcelain
With time the cracks in her skin
We're wearing her thin

Shush pretty thing
Don't speak
Just drift to sleep
wipe your teary eyes
theres no use crying
just keep smiling
do what your told
because this routine
is getting old
my heart I sold
as I watch this unfold

you loved me in spite of me
and now I can't breath
I wish I was high
to get rid of this low
I'm broken
don't you know
tear me apart
give me away
darling I really cannot stay

I'm sorry
in the masquerade
it was my heart that was played
time to make my not so grand exit
I'm just "Miss codependent"
Jasmine dryer Oct 23
Once a beautiful thing
Left to rot
the silver lining
Made of gold
Weighed and sold
To this unlucky soul
As this garden grows
So does the unknown
These roses are wilting
Will you cry
Enough tears to end the brought
Or will they suffer and drown
It's how we look
Not what we think
Dance a lonely waltz with me
Forget the decaying
as they walk around us
Such lovely things
As they scream
Pulling us down
we sleep in our graves
Never knowing what to think
As we walk
In this garden
Grass growing
look around
This white fence
Its tense
What’s left
As these apples grow
Sin and ignorant bliss
Let's leave it all
There’s weeds in this garden
Keeping my feet in place
Take it away
Fill it with pesticides
it burns yours eyes
But don't you cry
This garden
Say goodbye
It's time these flowers die
These roses wilt
There's nothing we can do
Leave it behind
Leave their toxic
To decay
That's the price they pay
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