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Euphie Mar 7
Those gloomy grey skies
and misty landscapes.

The sound of the wind
whispering in our ears.

The crunch of the leaves,
and the colours of fun.

Those were the days,
that I longed for the most.
Euphie Feb 15
You gave me all of the colours of love,
let us get lost somewhere
where time stops forever.
Euphie Feb 13
I find beauty in the most macabre places.
Euphie Feb 2
They say that the eyes are the window
to our souls.

If that were true, then you would
still be laying next to me at my
Euphie Jan 29
He looked at me in French...
with those sultry eyes
and pouty lips.

He was a villain I tell you
a curse!
Euphie Jan 27
With poets' sinew, the dream I have will be
played like a harp until I wake.

Until the time comes
I hope one day...
the elixir that remains
in my mouth will last
until death comes.
Euphie Jan 26
Are you willing to give up your name,
the way Romeo was willing to lose
his name for Juliet?
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