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Sexus Obscura Mar 2019
I wake to something in my throat
g / r / o / w / i / n / g
it is yearning, hunting, haunting
it moves deeper, to darker caves
it is in search of a final burial site
it wants permanence inside of me
Sarah K Nov 2014
I'm addicted to heartache
The kind that rips you apart inside
Leaves you shaking
Tears streaming down your face

The moon bright in your eyes
Sparkling behind the moisture
Sobs wrack my body
The stars seem to be falling from the sky
This feeling is what I know best

All is quiet
The night doesn't make a sound
Theres nothing left to come out
Tears have dried
And my mind is numb
I feel nothing
Hollow and empty
This feeling is all too hauntingly familiar

The morning approaches
And I am still awake
Staring at the wall
Nothing left

Time to get up
Plaster a smile on my face
Smear concealer under my eyes
And pretend like those dark circles aren't there

Everyone is oblivious
But I know
That tonight
I'm going to go through it all again
I wrote this pretty quickly on a whim tonight.  I like it.
Becky Littmann May 2014
The mistress of the night
Always appears when the time is right
She knows how to make you feel one-hundred times better than just alright
But with fair warning, don't get at all attached, she'll be gone before the morning light
Vanishing quickly, out of sight
The secret rendezvous is safe with her, her lips are sealed tight
That way nothing is said & there won't be any cause for a fight
You may not have had the pleasure of her company just yet but maybe, one day, if you're lucky you just might!! ;)
For all those who try to keep it on the down low.... Lol

— The End —