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Truly Lustful
23/Georgia    Just a person who works graveyard shift who likes to write, I hope you enjoy. All pieces portrayed here will be copywritten under: "Truly Lustful" ...


Ashley Lopez Aug 2014
Lustful lover
My sweet paradise
You're a mirage in a desert,
My medicine for all hurt.
Lustful lover
My sweet paradise
Your heart isn't enough.
I want your mind and your soul.
Lustful lover
My sweet paradise
My mind, body, and soul crave
Your electrifying touch.
Lustful lover
My sweet paradise
You're my high on Cloud Nine,
The sweet aroma of my favorite wine.
Lustful lover
My dear sweet paradise
We both knew that love
Was never an option.
So, lustful lover
My sweet paradise
While my heart beats to the sound of yours,
Our time together is done,
It's time again for you to be hers.
Chuck why am I not enough for you.
I tried writing a poem with no noticeable rhyme scheme and idk how I feel about it
Elizz Jul 2018
Blood dripping from the lustful sword
Forged in the eddies of hell
The lives of men beckoning
At every moment and turn
Blood dripping from the lustful sword
But it's never enough
Its thirst is never quenched
Forever parched
Dustier than a desert plain
Blood dripping from the lustful sword
A thousand have been felled
Stalks of wheat in the wind
And I the wielder
Blood dripping from the lustful sword
Am not even safe
As the blade turns inward
Piercing my chest
Blood dripping from the lustful sword
Cutting through my heart
As if it were ashes
Latching on and drinking its fill
Blood dripping from the lustful sword
I crumple
I fall
The hand that has fed it  
Has in turn been bitten
Jason Stevenson Jun 2017
I’m good, but I’m sinful.
I’m a man with a kind heart with the wish to bring joy to others.
I’m a lustful man with the desire to feel just as much pleasure as he aims to give.
I offer a smile to those I connect with,
Offering a hand to those in need.
I also undress you with my eyes,
Imaginary hands exploring your curves as I fantasize about a night with you.
I’m kind, but I’m lustful.
Give me your heart and you may be a victim of my internal battle.
An innocent stuck in the crossfire as I try to subdue my inner vices.
I offer you words of support,
Care for you when you’re sad,
Tell lame jokes when you need a laugh,
But who’s providing this?
Is it the kind-hearted man or the lustful man?
I give you what you want,
What you need,
Manipulating your feelings to satisfy my own lustful desire.
That’s not right.
You should be treasured,
And loved.
Kind words and a compassionate heart mean nothing if the only motivation is a lustful gain.
To lust or to care?
I want to choose to care.
I want to be a kind man who considers the feelings of others,
But in reality,
I know,
I’m a lustful man.