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solfang Apr 2018
warm as coal,
cold as ice,
you reflect
different emotions,
in the same pair of eyes.
something to warm the brain juice.
often I see stories glazed out from different eyes.
some were conned into
doing the riddance
they'd been duped by
the lad's egotistical

how did he gain
such an overarching
more discerning folk picked
him for a selfish

those of no acumen
got on side with his
they did the ousting to
aid a wimpy

and still they're willing
in carrying out his dodgy
cause the lad hasn't a
scintilla of spinal
Karisa Brown Apr 2018
We are
Bodies of snow
Windows of ice
Crying in the night

We are
We are
Thawed out
Amanda Mar 2018
I am tired of
Letting you down so instead
I will lift you up
I dont know if i have the strength but im going to give it my all
sindy Jan 2018
Please lift me high
Guden Oct 2017
I'm stuck in an elevator
Between floors
I can't remember if it was going down,
Maybe sideways,
I guess it doesn't matter anymore.
I'm stuck in this lift,
I've always been alone.
Ten years ago I thought I was,
You convinced me otherwise
Now you're gone,
Moving up,
Or down,
With somebody else.
And I'm stuck,
Between floors,
With myself.
You told me in the end I was terrible company,
Now I know,
It's true.
I don't know that person
Looking back at me
In that mirror
In a lift,
That is stuck
Between floors,
Maybe 9 and 10,
Both are my lucky numbers,
Not anymore.
I've been trapped in this cabin
For hours
Perhaps days,
I'm not sure
You took my watch.
Karisa Brown Sep 2017
I want
To live
Off you

In a sea
Of dew

Smoothed over

Spewed paper
Becomes me
Poetic T Sep 2017
Ligaments are folly for the static movements
that I tender on the world around me.
I'm a puppet that has had its strings severed.

No longer will I stand before a crowd admiring
the swag of free motivation. Now I'm but a flawed
puppet with my useless severed strings lingering.

Once upon a time I was  a puppet and I pulled all
my own strings... But now I'm gathering
dust in my self  pity, and my strings are now cut.

But even though they are severed, and no longer
dance to my own tunes. I'm no weaker than before!
I'm stronger within myself, I may have fallen but got up.

"We are stronger than we think,
"We just have to pick ourselves up.
           *"For we are our own weight, that only we can pick up.
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