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In the streets of manipulations,
simplest questions
unanswered in the virtual dimensions,
found no directions.

Monkeys all the way
slaying each other in the name
of the so-called glory of success,
with **** evil smiles
or with beautiful deception.

Some shed tears of joy
while some others remain annoyed,
for those who drown
and for those who rise above.

Hearts and brains are sidelined
and devils spirits rule.
Are they lost or are they confused?
Looking at what they do,
Angels mourn them too.

Walking alone on those streets,
Running tired through the pathway,
Dark and dusted,
Happiness busted
Singing the requiem,
They call it The Alley of Dreams!
In this world of darkness, envy and jealousy, We still are running behind those dreams!
In these rains,
Drown I, in this petrichor,
only to ascend.
Just as the raindrops fall across my window, dripping I thought of writing a 3-5-3 poem. But yes, that's exactly what I feel when it rains.
Impatiently sitting in the corner
of a room full of emptiness,
Trying to answer questions
of today and tomorrow.

Friends and foes mean nothing to me,
Like a raindrop that drips eventually.
I wait for none, not even me
A distant side of me, drifting far away
further far away from me.

A side of me that
loved to hope,
lived to be free,
laughed and cried,
for the silliest of the reasons that can be,
moved a million miles,
and still fell fast asleep.

Friends and foes mean nothing to me,
Like a raindrop that drips eventually.
I wait for none, not even me
A distant side of me, drifting far away
further far away from me.
Have you all figured it out for yourselves? But life still moves on, taking you to the roads you have never seen, One such road is you
Oh, such a change,
What a shame we can't take it anymore,
No one thought this would be us,
running on the wheels,
we went too far,
Look back at the sun,
at those mighty stars,
like we watched them when,
when we thought of this life,
life of sugarcoated candies and honey,
Of when there were Christmas lights,
heaps of snow and glasses of wine,
of the times I'd hold you,
You in my arms.
Where did it go?
Why doesn't it snow?
Why aren't there any signs that you show?
Why does one leave you in the middle of nowhere ?
Sitting in a cafe, near the hotel we made,
First love, first of such morning,
Of the warm sun rays,
of the hundred many ways.
Drunk in love and lust,
as if it was just last night
Do you believe in love at first sight?
When I look at you
and your hundred photographs
with some smiles saying cheese
while you are busy making some material memories.

You tend a click a shooting star
or perhaps a new born flower.
You capture the reindeer
and get a video of a someone drinking beer.
Those likes that please
and the validations that they give.
Is it really what matters ?

Would you still click the riviera
instead of lying on the grass ?
or would you take a moment to breath
or post just another smiley ?
Its a never ending cycle.

Communication through light
and distantly distant on the inside
You still don't bother
and still request more friendships.

Do you still long for those hugs and
that little chemistry.
Do you still wish to hold hands
or the ups in your heartbeats.

I still wait for a whisper,
telling me that you love me.
I wish to wake up besides you
and not for a beep.
But there’s you
and your Fake Dopamine.
What is happiness? What are we running for? What are we running away from?
Sometimes I hear ,
myself in a calm place
and a casual time,
with the shadows of stars,
under the bright moonlight;
on the streets,
where a mother holds a child,
protecting her love,
them satisfying their hunger,
in a good warm supper.

Oh dear one,
is it your smile
or the stories of the
tortured souls
playing nice for once?

Is this the cure
or an illusion of panacea ?
Is everything what it appears to be ?

— The End —