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newpoetica Oct 7
give me a sign,
that you are mine,
so i can say the line,
despite the short time,
that love is not a crime.
i love you
newpoetica Oct 6
those moonlit road trips
in which you'd take long sips
of the body that drips
put a hand to your lips
as old clothes get larger rips
from the motion awaiting your hips
as your body dips
during those moonlit road trips
newpoetica Sep 26
maybe i was in a rush,
but i had to know what it feels like when our lips brush.
the feeling is something that could be described as lush,
but if i tell you how everything feels, you'd blush.
so although this is still a growing crush,
just know you have my heart turning into mush.
i don't kiss and tell.
newpoetica Sep 24
truth be told i'm scared to say,
my feelings that are kept at bay,
for fear of their own betray,
because i know that when they come into play,
the boy i feel things for will run away.
newpoetica Sep 23
touch my thigh,
make me sigh,
as you ask why,
as i lie
and say "oh, nothing."
newpoetica Sep 23
we are moving so fast, and i can't seem to stop the spell that's been cast.
fear grips onto me, yet nonetheless he's the only one i want to see.
we have a fifty percent chance that we'll crash and burn, but i'm okay with that despite my concern.
he says he like me too, but what if he isn't truly wanting to pursue.
in the end though that's a relationship, we have to trust that we won't let the other slip.
my life has been cool, but kind of wild as of lately. the guy has a link to view my account on here, but ima just hope he never looks at it haha.
newpoetica Sep 8
am i looking for love in the right place?

in the morning, I am left with an empty space.

i do everything according to societal code, careful with the tempo and pace.

yet, every morning there is only the scent of a body, the only trace.

i wake at four a.m. in my finest silk and lace.

but, they always choose to leave once they have achieved their goal, third base.
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