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newpoetica Feb 13
i'm in too deep
so maybe i should just take a leap,
a leap of faith in which i let go.
and maybe take control,
speak through my heart and soul.
speak through my heart and soul to say three words back to you,
i want you.
this is inspired by a song by the band, why don't we.
newpoetica Feb 13
tell me what it's like to fall in love...
is it messy, scary, all you ever imagined it to be?
or does it make your heart flutter and fill you with glee?
tell me what it's like to fall in love...
having never felt it before, let me see your point of view,
just in case i can never experience those same feelings that ensue within you.
newpoetica Feb 7
getting number day by day,
i don't know what i can say,
please mom, stay...
don't fade away,

i need you.
things just seem to be getting worse and i want to cry everyday, but i guess i'll just wade through these dark waters.
newpoetica Feb 4
sad poetry,
that's what my mind says to me.
let it all all out,
vent and then try and pout.
because newpoetica, if you are honest with who you really are,
you can get yourself feeling up to par.
keep a healthy mind set,
because that's the least you can actually get.
the world is spinning,
your light is dimming.
and it's okay, my mind tells me,
but it's not okay to not live, because there is still so much more beauty for you to see.
i had an extremely difficult day, so i decided to log onto hello poetry to hopefully release any pain i was feeling or in reality cope with it. what i logged on to see made me cry, but this time today they were happy tears. 36 notifications of people appreciating my work. it's not the attention but the fact that i have been having a really hard time with everything. i have been confident for a years now, but the past two years and especially thesee last two months... i just haven't wanted to be me anymore. i have ******* up so much and have so much emotional baggage. i wrote a bit of poetry when i was younger, but started using it to cope last December in 2018. it has helped me in more ways than one. today i logged on to write that life isn't worth it and how I wanted to be numb, but seeing that maybe I have something worth it to pursue as a hobby and something relaxing in life. so thank you for everything, i didn't ever expect feeling so grateful to those on the internet :))
newpoetica Feb 1
often more times than not, i question if i have a knack for writing poems.
truth be told, i cannot discern the answer.
i attempt to make something roll off the tongue.
but, it's hard to do so when you don't know how to start.
so, a poet like me will have trials and tribulations that weigh heaviness on themselves.
it's the soul-crushing kind that feels similar to a heart aching.
because you want to be one of the best, but the reality is that you don't have the means to become better.
newpoetica Jan 25
i'm awful and rotting,
i'm good for nothing.
i'm so far from being even a decent daughter.
in fact, i should be charged with a soul slaughter.
she's my own mom,
she has always made me so calm.
yet here i am breaking her,
making what little confidence she has left deter.
i don't know how to apologize,
when what i said to her was far from lies.
yet i took it too far,
i made her feel like she isn't up to par.
it was one hair color, but i know,
that she took it to heart, like an arrow from a bow.
what i wish she knew is that despite this mistake, i love her,
this is the only statement that i can say for sure.
I just had to vent, I hurt my mom and I feel so awful.
newpoetica Jan 22
before i knew it was all too good to be true,
i genuinely cared so much for you.
you put all this trust into a person,
but they let you walk away while they're there *******' and cursin'.
see, the thing is that we all want to see the person's best,
even though their hurtful words never give you a rest.
we want to see these people grow,
so that one day their love for us will maybe someday show.
that though, isn't love at all,
it's your eyes that are covered by a shawl.
it is good to have hope in the face of the worse,
but that viewpoint is also a curse.
truth be told, toxicity isn't always easy to leave,
this is a thought that's worth to conceive.
before i knew it was too good to be true,
i genuinely cared so much for you.
I've been slacking on my poetry recently ever since school started up again. On the bright side, that means I'm not dealing with that many family problems or issues because I'm too busy to care. Also I have a **** ton of homework due to AP US History and AP Psychology, so wish me luck on that stuff. Haha.
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