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newpoetica Nov 23
there's so much to do,
so much to see.
so much to view,
but where do i see me?
in all of this chaos,
where is safe and free?
in so much change and loss,
my faith in a happy fate is weary.
haven't written in a while.
newpoetica Jul 17
every day i wait;
for the day i stop the hate,
the hating of myself.
newpoetica Jun 22
three inches --
that's how far away you are from a corset that cinches.

so close, yet so far...
you aren't up to standards, you aren't up to par.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder --
hell, you'll be even more grotesque as you get older.

words cut deeply from those you care for...
i'm sorry that i can't be your perfect little *****.
sorry my poetry has been so negative lately.
newpoetica Jun 11
what would it be like to let go?
to let myself get that low...
what would it be like to jump?
to let my demons have triumph...
what would it be like to fall?
to never wake up from it all...
what would it be like to die?
to let my soul fly...
what would it be like to cease?
to let myself rest in peace...
a contemplation on mortality. i am okay.
newpoetica May 9
it's 2 'o 8 and rather late,
may 9th is the date,
we said goodnight an hour ago,
but i can't seem to fall asleep so...
i lay in bed thinking of you
and all the amazing things you do.
the way your hand fits into mine
and the way our hearts align.
no one can compare
because you and i are a lovely pair.
dare i say something passionate and clever?
i want you now and i need you forever.

"goodnight my handsome,
i promise i won't get lonesome."
based on slightly real events; i drank a ***** chai and now i can't seem to fall asleep.
newpoetica May 8
light shining through the slates.
a calendar with marked off dates.
a photo frame or two,
the smiles of me and you.
a sleepy kiss of the cheek,
laying down, but knees gone weak.
let's stay here forever more,
oh my lover whom i adore.
lying in bed so close to you,
time in your arms is overdue.
wake me up when it's dawn,
but let me dream if this is gone.
newpoetica Apr 22
my love, things get rough
but together, we are enough.
sometimes we mess up,
but you still fill up my cup.
your words and voice,
i feel as if there is no other choice.
my love for you has changed,
but not into something misarranged.
but rather, despite the bad times,
and all of these dumb rhymes.
i want you and all your flaws,
the worst parts of you, even the claws.
i want your good and your bad,
and to hold you when you're sad.
i've loved you since way before,
and i love you now even more.
i love the good parts of you,
and the not so good ones too.
you make me indescribably happy,
and you mean so much to me.
i'm sorry for all the times i've messed up and i forgive you for yours. i love you so much, i'm not sure if you know how much or not. thank you for teaching me how to love and being patient with me as i grow.
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