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Andrew May 2017
You and I need to Tom Cruise together
Because I only know A Few Good Men
And you're the Top Gun
And I am a little self conscious about
how much I enjoy the first half of Cocktails
Because this kind of love can be Risky Business
When I'm with you I don't want to see the Edge of Tomorrow
Nor do I feel like I'm one of The Outsiders anymore
We should get really weird
and try some Eyes Wide Shut ****
But I'd settle for a Jack or a Reacher from you anytime
But how do I precipitate our connection, Rain Man?
It just seems like Mission: Impossible.
I stare vacantly into the Vanilla Sky
As these Days of Thunder last too long
Without you
The difference is Knight and Day
For in your Endless Love
I was merely Collateral
Now passively watch as I fall into Oblivion
cozyjune Sep 2018
he's playing video games on highway 67 and he doesn't know he takes me away - yeah baby you take me away - are we faking it this way - trying to make it some way - blue hues red hues and you keep making that face - why do you keep making that face - drip drip drip on the pavement the ice creams melting and there's no one there to save it - lick it up baby lick it up lick it up - and we're cruising - the society's snoozin - the record spins and we're boozin - loosin any conception of time now baby cuz your mine now baby
A phenom pursue movement
by midnight if entrained encampment
flush by her heels while quatrain will absorb
when she only a heaping there in life with
hers round circumference as deeply met
for a week if her sorcery became a tempest rife
in horsepower with such antigen that an earthquake
with even more liquefaction than mere mention
on cruises her regression must also play into her automobile
and forebode her ritual in speeding in class action.
Brent Kincaid Nov 2015
Those important moments
When you look into the eyes
Of that one hot person
Who is just passing by
Are usually what it takes
To make magic occur.
So take those moments
To look at him or her.

Lock your eyes on them
And don’t let the look go.
Or else the moment passes
And you may never know
How hot they think you are
And what is in store
So, don’t get bashful.
Hang in a moment more.

And don’t forget the secret
That is an open happy smile.
It usually wins them over
It just takes a little while
Because all of us look better
And sexier when we grin.
So open up, let the smile
And the eye-locks begin.

In the end there is little
That is more truly appealing
Than giving the other person
The convincing feeling
That you really do like them
And think they are hot.
If you don’t make it obvious
They might think you do not.
Brent Kincaid Jul 2015
Dinking too much whiskey,
Behaving sort of risky,
Telling lying stories,
Tall tales of former glories,
Laughing between the tokes,
At outrageously bad jokes;
We thought we were outlaws,
But were tamer than in-laws.

Out for a wild ride,
Living on the wild side
And howling at the moon.
The sun will be rising soon.

Honking horns at passing cars
Toking doobies under the stars,
Letting no cuties pass us by
Without whistling, my oh my.
We were certain we were cool
Too ****** to know we were fools.
Escapees from the workaday,
We ten-mile perimeter ruanways.

Out for a wild ride,
Living on the wild side
And howling at the moon.
The sun will be rising soon.

Out at night, no three-piece suits,
Sandals instead of fruit boots
Pegged jeans and rolled up sleeves
No fancy stuff with fancy weaves.
Prepared for whatever comes
Serenaded by engine hum
We told each other that we were hot.
Even though we knew we were not.

Out for a wild ride,
Living on the wild side
And howling at the moon.
The sun will be rising soon.

— The End —