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jas Oct 11
The room fades into pure darkness, diminishing any light left. Chills start to consume my skin as my breaths tremble. It's quite difficult to describe my perception of this situation. Identifying the thin line between existence and the anonymous remains unexplained.
jas Oct 9
it's my blood
to my brain
traveling through these veins
if anything it taught me
not to get too close

i've been away for a long time
I always try to come back
but somehow I feel unwanted
past times I've lost track

how can you expect me
to live like nothing's changed
the memories I have don't just go away

I'm wasting away
no longer living in my dreams
all they do is turn to nightmares
it's no different than reality

I'm not even looking for someone to save me

all I do is waste away,

how could you want me...?

I'm nobody good
nobody special
it's unreal,
just a touch and I melt

I'm melting away
unsure if this is the same

what am I feeling?
dove Cameron - waste
jas Sep 29
you got me spinning around
wrapped around your pretty finger
i've been too up and down
like a rollercoaster

I'm chasing you too much
and you're not reciprocating my love
I'm such a fool when it comes to us

running in circles
wishing for a miracle
post malone - circles
jas Sep 29
can you imagine
me without you
because I know I cant
my heart would break in two

i'd be on my death bed saying ' I still love you"

I'm hopeless
I can't say goodbye
not when there's tomorrow
give me one more night

one more night
is all I need
to convince you to stay with me

please, baby

I know you've been traumatized
left alone to die
well baby so have i

that's why we need to stick together
you and me,
we'll last forever
could you just do me this favor
of giving me one more night

one more night
post malone instrumental - goodbye
via youtube
jas Sep 11
death is my neighborhood friend
she has followed me all my life
no matter the outcome of situations
death always prevailed
speaking lightly on such a subject would inflict a mere slit on the tip of the tongue
she is genuine at all times
though some may find it hard to believe I have never caught her in a lie
to be frightened is to be frail
for tears shed, hearts break, last words are spoken
actions are derailed into a different outcome
yet through all the demise, she remains vigorous
death has no boundaries
I have learned that the strenuous way
there is no difference in those related to my own blood and water
death stops at no personal obligations nor obstacles
adolescent days dare to compare to my maturity of today
death broke apart relationships of all kind
sometimes spiritually she drained me of love I could no longer bear witness to the outside world
she drained me of my close ones,
'family,' if you will
left me to anguish and mourn like a deserted soul
isolated from society, the world, love, or any such interactions were just extreme to divulge in
building up a tolerance to agony was just a challenge to her for the near future
other times she lacked me of mental termination
friendships of such were burned and buried beneath the ground
someplace called hell
for they would never return and if they sought out to intervene in my life once again death would appear and rip the soulless creatures right out of their existence with me.
I could barely bear witness on either or, nor did I want to comply but I, myself, had no say in the fate of life.
my mind, body, and soul were alternated
never will I be a carbon copy of my old self
death is my friend
she remains synonymously unpredictable
if I, myself, were to die, I would, in turn, welcome my friend.


                             , eulogy

   "Hello my dear, for I have not missed you for an abundance of time it seems you have missed me. whereas I contemplate over no comprehension other than the certainty of you needing my very presence. all of the atrocious things I have done is diseased along with the misery of atoning to every thought and situation dealt with my life on this earth. let alone the well being that I also obtained in a timely matter has now released me into a never-ending dimension"
still more i need to add, please accept this rough draft.
jas Sep 11
fading away into thin memories
why do you still drag on?
attached to me

failing away
struggling to breathe
you take my breath away

you're just a stranger now
say goodbye to the past
leave it all behind
away from me
jas Aug 31
staying up late
i just can’t sleep
can’t resist the thought of me
staying out late
it’s predictable
it’s more than you should know

i’m dying
straight up i can’t breathe
if the world were to end
at least i’d be beneath

my life in ******* cycles
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