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jas Sep 2020
the fact that the price tag is still on the beanie you bought me,
claims the truth
it's not that the little things were priceless,
it's that they turned up worthless
up to no point in return
I'm such a hypocrite saying that I never ******* lie
lately, it seems that I do it all the time
all of the poison that I drank
from the cup you gave me
I should have never accepted
I must have been ******* crazy
you would never deserve a poem from me
I'm already speaking too much
you were never worth a moment of my time
wasted in more ways than one
this bottle of gin never loved me more
the fact that the little **** I see
reminds me of you
and the thought I was once loved
makes me sick
I wish I would have known before that I was meant to fix you up
call me a ******* repairman
man, that's ****** up
what did I ever do to deserve this?
the biggest heart
and never a flinch
but when you look back
you call me a *****
you say the opposite of everything I've ever done
I don't understand that logic
at the end
you're the one who ran
at least after the end of reading this
I can still stand
*caution explicit**
jas Sep 2020
giving someone the option to discover what's buried deep inside frightens me
the chance of me opening up screams vulnerability
my demons are aching to break out, rattling the chains so loud
to the point where I can't seem to hear myself think
thoughts are scrambled and anxiety kicks in
who'd ever think to love a villain?
jas Sep 2020
been in this world for decades
watching as everything fades
one glance and it's gone
not long enough to form a memory
forgotten into existence
until the next 'almost', rolls around
jas Sep 2020
I wanna see the world
through your eyes
take me on an adventure
lately, I haven't gone out much
but I'm willing to quench
my thirst
willing to jump through obstacles
like it's the Olympics
the only game that id want to play
is if I'm going to win
rocky mountains
pacific ocean
take me on a destination
I want to kiss your lips
over the sand dunes
I want to taste your skin
in a world-class museum
so why don't you take me
book me a flight
where we sleep all-day
and up all night
the kind of adventure
the one I would write
if only I could see into your eyes
jas Sep 2020
I left behind
the ghost of a girl who thought humanity was breathless
the thought of losing you
leaves me reckless
my mind is chaos
worse now than before
burdens on life weigh heavier,
dragging me to the floor
I left behind the ghost of a girl who believed in dreams
who once thought there was a chance with you and me
reminiscing into a fantasy
always wondered what could be
I guess there is a reason people call it ghosting
because you're never there
it's really just a memory
jas Sep 2020
reminiscing on what we once had
tired of my thoughts taking me to the past
don't want to remember
what we once lacked

it wasn't love
yet my heart never gave up
over time
realized what you were made of

apologizing for the **** you did to me
left alone at night
choking on my own tears
you caused, i couldn't breathe

until one day i opened my eyes
wide enough to see through your lies
no longer hiding
no longer looking the other way
while a piece of me dies

when i think about the ripe beginning
we once enjoyed
yet you amazed me
how easily it can be destroyed
jas Sep 2020
when I wake up
I'm always starving
with the thought of you on my mind
the taste of you on my tongue
the way you fill me up
breakfast in bed
the way i like your legs

day dreaming
glance at the clock
it's almost time for lunch
searching for you like a hawk
excuse my pardon
but i'm starvin' like marvin'

it's almost time for dinner
i hit the lottery
winner, winner, chicken dinner
i can just feel ya
nice and juicy
as i bite into your leg
all of these emotions i can barely take

maybe after midnight
i want a snack
you're the good thing that happens after 2AM

I've been hungry with you on mind
if you have strings
I'll pull them aside
swear baby, I just want to unwind

you make me feel like a ******
why am I always hungry?
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