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jas Feb 1
its been a long day coming...

ok. that's enough backsplash
for the day
can't believe I've handled that
its been a long, long day
far too much for the price we pay

all along'
but were hooked on drugs
all ****** up
can you believe
what they've done to me
it's so real

the price we pay
until the death
it declares our face
that we hand off to the world
let em' know I'm not your girl
depend on me
for your every need
like in the one who
planted this seed
of disappointment
jas Feb 1
I can't
take this feeling
no more
it hurts
it hurts
it hurts
so much

imagine there is
pain all of the time
and I choose not to cry
its been a while

dragging and moving on
what's left of me?
I choose to not show
if it's the end
then let me go

just let me go
I'll be on my way

you don't say
just let me be

it'll be okay
I promise
I swear
jas Feb 1
I've been dreaming
since the day I woke
don't you realize
when love will strike you blind
jas Jan 28
why can't you just leave my mind
exit away
like all of the tears i've cried
it's been too long
these feelings should be
well under control

can you imagine
all of the thoughts
that my brain has concurred

it's been too much

how can you tell if it's **** or love?
how can you tell when
jas Jan 28
can't go on anymore
staring at my phone
thinking of when you'll call
or show up at the door

just an *******

that's you

i'm so sick of dealing
with my heart hurting
can't get rid of this feeling
of not being enough


that's you
jas Jan 20
my life has been ripped to shreds
my heart has been ripped apart
instead of living
I want to be dead

I want to be rid
of all this guilt

you don't understand
how I feel this way
it's comprised
and you're the delay

I've been broken
and beaten
to the core

its been years
I kicked you out the door

yet you're still here
haunting me
I can't find a way to breathe
can you believe
all of the damage you've caused me
in this lifetime

must be a record
when I put it together
if it's not me it's her
I've been hurting too long
been put in the wrong
and it's just too much

can't believe you ripped me to shreds
into tiny pieces
I let you lead me on
all along
so my mistake
wouldn't have it any other way
I'm already gone

ripped into pieces
none of me is decent
that's left

youtube instrumental love hate hurt shred ripped apart left no yes hard
jas Jan 20
I've been waiting
a long time
for my dreams to come true

and then it happened
when I met you

All of my life
has been a tragedy
I've been blind to follow
what's in front of me

if you only knew...

what I keep, deep inside of me

If I open my eyes
I'd see a loving heart
I'd see the world as it is
and still, believe in love

in miracles
in the way life goes
on and on

and it's hard
hard to want to dream
hard to believe
in you and me

but you gave me everything
how could I not repay
when you were the only one to ever save me

that's how I knew
when I met you
it was a sudden pause of breath
a deep faith into the sea
an everyday daydream

miracles happen
once in a lifetime
so I knew
when I met you
this was a sign
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