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m h John Feb 27
I feel the trees leafs
and hear the birds sing
but I only feel alive
When you are holding me
Your arms are my home
Nathalie Feb 9
I was engrossed

In watching

The flowering plant

Immersed in

Watching the petals

Light up with hope

The brightness

Of their aura

Was a sight

To behold

As springtime

Tears affectionately

Misted the leafs

Dressed in green

Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
Your fingertips planted trees on me.
You left a forrest
full of life.
But with no rain
there was no healthy leafs.
So the forrest crumbled.
And I cut the tress down
for I did not wish
to have a memory of you
on my body.
Yet, roots of the forrest
remained deep beneath my skin.
And I will now forever,
if I wish or not,
have memories of your fingerprints.
Kim Essary Aug 2018
As every season holds  it's own description, the feeling  that fall gives  is one in it's own kind.
As the night comes upon us in the early days of fall a soft touch of a cool  breeze to clear your mind.
Here in the south a much welcome time of year.
As our nights get longer, days become shorter, we know Fall is near.
The green leaves of summertime almost turning over night.
The morning dew glistens upon the tree tops shining ever so bright.
You can hear the soft beginning of the leaves falling to the ground,
You can listen close as the animals start to play, walking across fallen leaves making a crackling  sound.
This time of year brings so much more than the falling leafs and cool night air.
The sweet aroma of cotton candy and funnel cakes coming from the Fair.
Children laughing and screaming  as  they ride the carnival rides.
Boyfriend's playing games to win their girlfriend a prize.
Its getting colder As the months of fall come to an end .
We say goodbye for now and prepare for Old Man Winter to begin.
Fall is a beautiful time of year with a bit of summer and a nip of winter put together is the way fall makes you feel.
Leah Oviedo Dec 2017
I am free
like the leaf blowing away
dancing in the wind, traveling farther than I've ever been.
A new season brings change
and death so I can start anew.
I've become more comfortable with death and the cycle of life over the past few year. I was feeling sentimental in my grief when I wrote this.
Lacy Sep 2017
My emotions falling down
To solid ground how low can I be
So crumpled and old my problems getting faded away
Poetic T Mar 2017
Never masking emotions
            Only sweeping them inwards

Collecting verses of unspoken regrets,  
                              like autumn falls...
Francie Lynch Nov 2016
The harlequin trees celebrate
With a red, yellow and orange
Ticker-tape parade
On all the streets of Ontario,
Announcing the onslaught
Of another miserable
Canadian winter.
I'm a fan of irony.
Desire rod Nov 2016
Naked trees
Broken branches
Pile of leafs
Cold breeze
Pine trees
Gloomy sky
Rotten pie
Orange and green
Some other things
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