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K Coleman Nov 2020
My love, promise you’ll always flaunt your smile.
It's used as the blueprint that guides the moon!
That soft silver sliver mimics your style;
a beautiful crescent, that will grow soon.

Each day the moon must surely admire you.
When the night falls, like a lighthouse‘s glow,
it leads lost sailors through the ocean blue.
Your grin too guides me, on the earth below.

But oh my dear, how dark that night will be;
if your smile is eclipsed, so none can see.
K Coleman Aug 2020
I must relive our nights when I dream,
because it’s unreal laying with you.
I am left breathless by your smile’s gleam!

Intense dark black sky, the moon so blue;
your skin’s touch that lifts me to new heights.
In pure bliss we admire the star’s view.

But awake I wonder of those nights...
were you also gazing at the stars;
or really looking at the streetlights?
K Coleman Jun 2017
I'll never forget the day,
I raced through new york city.

There was only one adversary,
He claimed to never lose.
He was fast and scary,
unpredictable and menacing.
I surely couldn't prevail.

Nevertheless I ran, I raced,
We were head to head the whole time.
Running with no time to waste,
Dodging puddles and pedestrians.
I even hurdled a rail.

The finish line crept into sight,
We were still neck and neck.
Running fast enough to take flight,
I realised this was my race to win.
I knew I couldn't fail.

I lengthened my stride,
I pumped my arms.
And with one last kick and a look to the side,
I leaned into the finish.
I won.

He walked around,
And caught his breath.
He approached me without a sound,
But to my surprised he stopped and smiled.
He shook my hand for what I had done.

I will never forget what happened next,
inside an infamous hot dog restaurant.
Waiting for fried twinkies out on the decks,
He told me this.
It meant a ton:

"Today you beat me fair and square,
I tried my hardest, but I failed.
We will race again, you better prepare
But if you race with that much determination,
I will never be able to beat you for fun.

I jogged back to where I began,
With quite a story to tell.
I wasn't supposed to have ran,
I put others at risk.
But if I hadn't chosen to run,

I wouldn't have learned how to beat myself.
This is a better rewrite of what I intended to portray in "4 hour bus ride"
K Coleman Jun 2017
Time slows down,
thoughts seem incapable of comprehension,
as I stare at a wall that is beginning to drip...
I'm lost.
What is this world I'm visting,
where color is alive, guiding me.
I came here with a purpose,
but it was stolen,
by unrecognizable shapes.
I can chase after them,
but what's the point?

Darkness, patience, fear...
I figured it out

My thoughts brought me here,
to see what I've created.
They don't like each other,
they don't like themselves,
so they think, and they fight,
in a stormy cloudlike arena called imagination.
If they can successfully destroy each other,
Then there are no more thoughts to wake up to.

K Coleman Apr 2017
Bro... as if her giving up on me wasn't bad enough, she just couldn't resist leaving me with one final knife blow to the back to conclude that toxic relationship.
K Coleman Apr 2017
I took a trip to New York today...
I guess it was pretty okay.
I explored the met,
my shoes got wet,
and I left with nothing to say.

But it wasn't much different from home...

I prepare for a day with everything set,
I wander through life, no sweat.
things happen that make me mad,
even my own thoughts make me sad,
Did I mention my shoes got wet?
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