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CastorPolydeuces Sep 2016
I grew up weird.
Both fast, and painfully slow.
I understood everything and nothing.
Socially, I started confident and grew awkwardly
first in the sun, then bending away from such bright attentions. Academically I started out running, always ahead,
always the best, the brightest. Straight As and
mismatched clothes, socially lost
yet somehow showing
'great potential'.

Now I've learned a lot.
All blacks and grays, I've finally
mastered at least a portion of my shortcomings
but its too late. Because I've grown up and its shifted again
analytically I see it, can emulate it, but it isn't
familiar or comfortable, it took me
years to catch up and I'm
still behind.

I've grown up weird.
Mobile phones
Keep you up.
Disrupting  your routeen.
Disturb  your sleep.
Absorbed in networks.
Including  life me.
Jeremiah Mhlongo Sep 2015
Did I ever tell you that I see you?
Often with my eyes closed,
Did anyone ever pass my notions to you?
How often I think about you.
I guess you didn't care enough to see through me,
It never bothered you I wish you could know.

Now mine heart so heavy to carry about,
The gift of Love given to me a burden,
Now mine thoughts fish Laughter,
Though smallest amounts I get to catch.
Maybe if this words were told,
If only you knew that for you I keep prayers long,
Well having not told you,
Is a burden enough for I to carry along,
I guess using a gun would help,
Goodbye before you know I did,

If you're reading this its too late,
Please do come at my burial,
I want you to know,
Were mine thoughts of you go with I.
Am not really gonna **** myself over  any soul of anyone except thats if I **** myself for me
Brianna Aug 2015
It could be my lack of faith or the fact that this rose quartz has yet to bring me the love it should. It could also be my lack of self acceptance but I will never admit that.

I hope you when you're driving down the interstate, closing in on the exit you seek, you remember I'm not that far away.

And I hope one day you'll wake up and know that I would rather be anywhere with you than in this summer heat dying for the rain.

It could be my lack of faith or the fact that this emerald didn't bring me **** for luck. It could also be my lack of self esteem that brings me to his bed dreaming of you.

One day I'll wake up and wish the best for you and your new life... And one day I'll wake up in my room sober instead of drunk and lustful night after night.

And I hope one day you'll wake up and remember that I'm not that far away... And you'll wake up and know that if clean my **** up if you would just stay.
Natasha Aug 2015
Lack of



                  perhaps everything is

         just caged within.

                        Hard as I try,
         wishing to write



         not tomorrow

                              not tonight.
**** hate this
aniket nikhade Aug 2015
A few mistakes can be recalled and remembered
Many were made prior
Amongst the many, a few can still be identified in the present.
A couple of them definitely occupy a space in the present amongst the many, which were made prior.

The more we go into the details of something,
something specific, something in particular,
then much more intense becomes the need of hour to be vigilant and alert.

Over a period of time things become complicated
Simple things take lot of time to get done, since handling any task now seems to be time consuming.
Justifications and explanations will be of no use
Questions will be raised by few for which answers will be asked by each and everyone.

Often, definitely much more than often, complications do come across at a given point of time in one's life.
Even complications have their own way to enter into someone's life,
even they have got their own starting point
Always it's better to keep things simple, at least as simple as possible
Better to get complications sorted out, if not resolved.
Also otherwise, better to get complications resolved as and when they occur.
If not, then it will only be a matter of time for the present to be ruined.

Come what may in the middle of way, a temptation sort of thing
Always it's better you know your way.

Come what may come along the way
At the spur of moment it comes to mind, let's take this short cut
It's always better you know your way.

A lot of things are learned, when experience is gained, since old mistakes are avoided and new mistakes corrected.
From the experiences of past and from the different experiences in life, definitely one thing is for sure a lot of things are learned over a period of time.
Not all are worth remembering,
definitely agreed upon the fact that only a few amongst them are worth remembering.

Make a mistake, but see to it never repeat the same old mistake
Definitely make some new mistake
A lot can be learnt from old mistakes, but never by repeating them.

Making new mistake gives an altogether different preference,
since as and when, whenever a new mistake is made,
something, which is bound to happen,
each and everything in the present changes,
once a new mistake happens.

Things now seem to be different, since a new mistake has happened
The need of the hour now is to explore more
Search and find out what is lacking in self
Once done and over with the same,
then keep in mind ways of avoiding this new mistake.

Always remember
Make a new mistake,
but keep in mind and see to it never repeat the same old mistakes in life.
Learning is a continuous process. So mistakes are bound to happen. However, the concern always remains as to whether the mistake that is made is new or old.
Beryl Lao Jul 2015
I’m in my jammies
Gah! I’m such a brute
When did I become
This disgraceful
This overbearing?

I am not
No longer
A lady of poise
Dysfunctional lifestyle
I can’t.
The noise!

My god
I’m a disgrace
I can’t even cook.
My god, I can’t -
No longer
Finish a book

I’m so annoyed
Ah so annoyed!
When did I let
Myself go
When did I stop
Putting on a show

Is this the real me?
I can’t recognise
She’s long gone by now
Who I was before

Sorry I can’t remember
They say our cells replenish
Each year
And for that
My graceful self
I no longer hear

Maybe I was meant to be like this
A *** bellied pig
Well I feel like I am
With a stomach
So big

No, I’m not pregnant
Although I wish I were
So that I may have a reason
For overeating
Oversleeping and sneezing
On cat fur

A grumpy old woman
I wish I was
Instead I’m a disgrace
To all nineteen year old graduates
Of top universities
That has

Fostered our minds
Stuffed it
With ideas that conjure
All the wrong things
Deemed right;
All the good – obscure.

My question to
My disgraceful self
Is when do I pick her up or -
If someone will ever help?

It’s okay if they don’t
It’s okay if they’re disguted
I too am
But maybe
Like in university
We can adjust it.

But as of now I’m fine
No thank you
I’m okay
The couch
The ice cream
And watching TV all day

I’ll pick myself up
I’m sure
This house
The people in it
They know that
For sure.
Pffft!!! I can't stop laughing at myself as I'm writing it right now.
I'm literally wearing my jammies as of this day... at 2:34 PM in the afternoon. I'm such a slug.
Nickols Jul 2015
Now I know.

Trust falling on a daggers edge.
Will leave a deeper wound,
when you reach the end.
Words hammer behind my teeth
They are cracking

I yearn for your love
But you leave me lacking

I crave soft touch
Only I can't find the right one

Good and evil
waged war in my soul
I can't decide which won

I can't lie like you always have
I'll admit it- I'll tell you true

You hurt me
Deceived me
But still,
I want you

Gather my pieces
Piece me back together

I guess that was another lie,
When you said "forever"

I am your dog on your leash
Go ahead, drag me around

I'm sniffing for my dignity
It can't be found
Criticism is welcomed, I'm looking to improve my poetry.
Cat Fiske May 2015
try to see,
what my mind is lacking,
everyday tonight,
10 words
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