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E A Spain Mar 2018
Some love is lost and some love gets found
Some won’t even bother to look up when love comes around
Sometimes we are here
Sometimes you’re over there
Regardless my love will follow you any and everywhere
Love is faithful
Love is kind
What they failed to mention is that love is blind
Love won’t choose to go this way or that
It will only be all that it is and that is a fact
Love is as new and yet familiar as the rising sun
But even it will set when love is all said and done
Right when you least expect it, it will come to shine again
Just to remind you that there is truly no end
E A Spain Feb 2018
All my loves leave
Without a kiss or goodbye
Set focused on their own things
Leaving me struck, dumb wondering why

All my clovers die
And fade away lifeless
There's no luck in love, it's a lie
And I remain still, the catcher in the rye
I’ll stay to myself, humble and glowing
No need to get too close, no need to know me

All my records break
I’ll get stuck on your every word, big mistake
It’s exactly the same love song playing
But I always seem to get it wrong
All my loves leave
Girls just wanna trick and boys thieve
Always had a thing for someone in need
Girls always gravitate to the ***** with the ****
And I think I may have outgrown the ability to make believe

We play pretend with love all the time
Thought it would get better with age like wine
But no, you all just leave me with that bitter taste
And now I realise after how you were merely a waste, love

All my lovers go
Far and away like the birds migrate for the snow
Don’t get too hype, they’ll leave 'yanno
Not today, but you know what they say about tomorrow
written 7/12/17
E A Spain Feb 2018
A treasure is unlike a present
Because it is not simply handed to you
It is a rare and valuable reward
That you must spend time and energy to pursue

And once you've sought out and
Acquired your gems that sparkle and glow
You must take care and protect your treasure
In something hidden such as a trove

In this trove she'll sit and wait
To be gazed upon and loved
Just make sure to appreciate her
Or else she'll escape and fly away like a dove

See, a treasure trove is like a safe
And not like a cage or a drawer
You must take out your treasure sometimes for show
And admire her all the more
written february 21, 2018
E A Spain Feb 2018
I was cursed from the start
To break another’s heart

Just as he did mine...
And left me here to loathe the love we created all that time

I healed my own heart now by another
But I’m thereby bound to all the others...
My past loves bind me up
And I’m left to sup
The poison of love
That dribbled down my own beloved’s cup

The one who was all I could think of...

And now I force myself to forget
All the things that I now regret
But they keep coming back...
And to my new love- it is an attack!

And so I was cursed from the start
To break another’s heart
Written on December 12, 2012 edited on February 21,2018.
E A Spain Feb 2018
As the night waits for the morning sun

Do I in earnest await to hear from you

Away from you I'd never run

The amount of love I have.. If only you knew

Below the ocean surface

As deep as this my love for you abounds

With you I feel of more purpose

If you want me to explain, forever on this I could expound

Give me your heart once again

This time I want it forever to keep

For mine, you don't need to win

It's always been within your reach

Nothing would bother me

If it were for you

Don't you see?

We're meant to be, its true.
date of creation unknown.
E A Spain Feb 2018
You will never get what you want,

Because it does not exist.

It is unheard of, it is extinct.

You'll search all day long for your "true love".

You will die in searching.

But he is not real, it is not real.

Accordingly, you are prone to heartbreak,

Sorrow and disappointment.

You will never be fulfilled.

You are foolish in love, with the idea of itself.

Take off your rose-colored shades.

Feel the surreal pain that is your whole life.

Become vulnerable to it, accept it.

It is behind you, around you, in front of you...

Kiss your dream goodbye,

Because at one point you must wake up.

And know the extremity that is...

That you will never be loved the way you desire.

You will never be loved the way you love.

Take reality for a whirl.

And disown your life of whimsical lies.

Face your hopeless fate, you hopeless-romantic

For goodness sake.
written on may 22,2011.
E A Spain Feb 2018
They say the soul can be seen through the eyes.
And maybe each soul is reflected with the stars in the sky.
When my gaze met yours for the first time,
The moment felt so significant to me, like it was meant as a sign.

On that day when Eve came to life,
Adam’s eyes laid upon her and knew she must be his wife.
Their eyes met and their hearts were filled with light.
This must be what they mean by love at first sight.

You are my Adam and I am your Eve.
Naturally we grew acquainted and rapidly began to cleave.
So much so that our love felt all too familiar,
As if we had loved on another plane- something magnificent to consider.

Star-crossed lovers as we meet again,
Somehow I knew we would be more than friends.
God hand-crafted our paths to meet,
And laid us in this garden with fruits ever so sweet.

I wash your back and you’ll wash mine.
You showed me around the Eden and I’ve lost all sense of time.
We partake of the veggies and fruits to their rind,
And we glow in the light because we are divine.

You are my Adam and I - your Eve,
Showing me around so I know truth from make believe.
And God beams down on us from things seen and unseen.
And He urges us to inherit the land like real kings and queens.

In our Eden I’d like to stay,
And spread our love because it was meant this way.
From your rib and God’s hand in clay-
Our love was manifest since that very day.
Written on 2/14/18 for Cody <3 Happy Valentine's Day.
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