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Jan 2017
Words are not enough.
In fact I find them quite lacking at the moment
Language is not
Words fall short
Easily misinterpreted
Easily lied
Easily hiding what's real and what isn't
I'm tired of them.
Words are hollow and empty
We fill their spaces with meaning but the spaces are too small
And have walls
And limits
I'm tired of these limits.
Even as I write these words, I know they will not properly convey what I currently feel and wish to express right now
They are simply not enough.
And it is frustrating to try to contort them in different ways to try and prove otherwise
But what is enough?
What can break the walls of words and letters and sentences?
Speaking them only makes them worse
Springing traps of "what you do you mean by that" or "what are you saying" or "I don't understand"
I don't understand
What a terribly horrible thought.
So what's the answer?
Does anyone know?
How to bridge that gap between you and me?
I'm really asking, this isn't rhetorical.

see how lacking words are
Written by
Jack  Androgynous/Philly
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