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freeing the mind Jun 2019
The mind, it is a funny thing you see,
The o rgan with possibly the most ability,
Tricks us into believing the false to be true,
Often it points out the worst about you,
Increases your self doubt , your panic, your stress,
Even on days when you've been feeling your best,
Brings up some issues which are hard to push through,
Where do the thoughts come from? I haven't a clue!,
The anxiety arises out of nowhere,
With nobody else these thoughts you really want to share,
Will they think you are crazy, a bit mad or a mess?
Even this will bring about more stress,
"Take a deep breath and practice grounding" ,
The words you hear no matter what surrounding,
Can we explain our feelings ,  what's going on inside,
When we ourselves have no understanding  of these lies?
Never shutting off , laying awake late at night replaying every detail until morning light,
With anxiety comes insomnia ,  more issues which occur,
The mind, the greatest o rgan.. are we really sure?
freeing the mind Jan 2019
Created in a storm,
The red most vivid,
The colour of love
Representing the deepest of pain,
The rapids in your mind,
None as beautiful as those of the ocean,
Getting deeper and deeper
Beyond the basic grit of the past,
Pulling times of discontent from every fabric of the memory,
Until you snap! like a simple branch
Silver the only glimmer in the dark
Colliding with the paleness of your skin,
Stained now by not only blothes of that colour of love but also those of hurt, fear and never ending pain.
freeing the mind Sep 2018
The ability to leave the past behind,
The mistrust, the hurt.. Just don't be blind,
Actions, not just words need to be a must,
A new person? You can learn to trust,
Build your self love, streghten yourself,
Then it will be easier to believe someone else ,
Do not allow frustrations from before to once again come knocking on the door,
You cannot compare each and every person,
Stop expecting the worst! It is never certain!
No two people are the same
If she breaks down them walls don't go insane!!
Accept things as they happen, go with the flow
Be cautious, no over thinking though!
What is meant to be,  will be
You have no control over this you must see,
Gather the happiness and strength on your own and keep it there set in stone ,
The power is yours, the happiness and confidence you shall own.
Badly put together needs work:)
freeing the mind Sep 2018
Holding on,
With the smallest glimmer of hope,
Finding ways to fight, deal or cope,
At 1st it seemed impossible
But slowly the realisation current issues were topical,
Lost friendships, breakdowns , communication errors and lack of self love,
One, two at a time or all of the above.
Dulling out the problems and hiding away,
Some amount of release when decided this way you did not want to stay.

Self belief,
fresh start,  the one of new beginnings,
Learning to handle things before your mind starts spinning,
A release, you do not need others glorification to be worthy,
Worthy of love, respect, happiness, self security
A little motivation goes far, a focus just to start.

Look inside,
Reflection, a little self assessment,
The strength you had before
Somewhere inside you this is stored,
Make them changed necessary for you,
Stop allowing the colour which describes you to be the darkest blue.
1st time back writing in a very long time ,  not the best
freeing the mind Jul 2017
The creaking of that old chair is all which they could hear,
''take a seat'' he said and move it near,
he would tell a story of which he was very fond;
it included a bike, an old friend, and a huge duck pond;
He spoke these words time and time,
no remembrance of telling it but, once more would be fine,
He chuckled and chuckled at the top of his lungs
telling of his friend and how off his bike he was flung,
With a smile, he glanced at the family around
a sudden moment of silence;
'' Whats your name?'' he frowned
A nervous laughter from his daughter he heard :
But the man? he just stared.
Unsure of these people who once more came to visit,
''story telling is my job, so your problem what is it?!''
His voice he projected, confusion portrayed;
great sadness in his family, but by his side they stayed.
freeing the mind Jul 2017
To let go ;
the beginning of a new adventure,
a fresh start, a journey unknown
interesting stories & an outlook which is of new,
Happiness  being created with each step,
faces new and old filling up my day,
Experiences, which before I never have had
creating the new and rebuilding old connections
Freedom; unusual but greatly satisfying
freeing the mind Jul 2017
A lost soul sitting tense,
staring into the unknown,
all her problems flickering beyond her eyes
yet she stays silent,
the rare word,
one of positivity,
strong&driven always,
dedicated to the help of those seeking it
the care she shows; never ending
insecurities unseen to get through what really matters
family, at the center of every move
Love, strength & compassion the elements of her being
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