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Dawn Jupiter Apr 2018
Glass renders it silent,
its movements make sweet music.
Its song remains unshared
until someone, the window, opens.
Mercutio Jan 2016
I was alone in the cold room,

Waiting for the bell of my doom,

Looking toward the sky and praying for help,

Who could have guessed mercury would rise so fast?

I am Madness and my heart melts,

Swords in my soul, stabbed to death,

Never believe in what you thought was true,

My words are part of you…

I am what I am, and You are what they want you do be,

Because in the future you will come and realize that today

Was the instant where my life and dreams collide.

I am Madness, I am light.

I am the friend, I am the fright,

I am the power and the anxiety,

Of falling in love maybe…

I die in your arms, and you cry for me,

Am I doomed to death to be truly free?

You learned me how to love and be loved in return…

Yes, today, I watch my world burn.
Jeremiah Mhlongo Sep 2015
Did I ever tell you that I see you?
Often with my eyes closed,
Did anyone ever pass my notions to you?
How often I think about you.
I guess you didn't care enough to see through me,
It never bothered you I wish you could know.

Now mine heart so heavy to carry about,
The gift of Love given to me a burden,
Now mine thoughts fish Laughter,
Though smallest amounts I get to catch.
Maybe if this words were told,
If only you knew that for you I keep prayers long,
Well having not told you,
Is a burden enough for I to carry along,
I guess using a gun would help,
Goodbye before you know I did,

If you're reading this its too late,
Please do come at my burial,
I want you to know,
Were mine thoughts of you go with I.
Am not really gonna **** myself over  any soul of anyone except thats if I **** myself for me

— The End —