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Mugerwa Muzamil Oct 2018
You're the fluid, I'm the mould
I give you shape, and you make me brim
Your love a tattoo, the more it's hidden
the more it makes me curious
I'm here to let you know
How much I bear the burden of a heartache
I have told you what I feel
Even when those eyes of yours laugh
I'm waiting for telltale signs
or am I starting to see patterns
in what seems to be randomness
of our existence
Should I believe in coincidences
or the metaphors of time
Your deep brown eyes
a guiding discovery to our future
If I could recite a mantra
to undo the forces of gravity
For two of us to reach the stars
We make vows beneath the milky sky
Would you give me a half chance
Mugerwa Muzamil Oct 2018
You had no shadow
because you're a light

The clouds followed you with shade
because you're a mercy

Your sins before and after
were forgiven
because you belong to paradise

Angel Gabriel got lost in your light
because you're the finest of creations

You had the ring of the prophets
because you're chosen

Your message is for the whole world
because you are the last of  the prophets.
Mugerwa Muzamil Apr 2018
I was a better love poet
When we were dating
The anxiety to be exactly
what you're looking for
stimulated all my hibernating
Now a good lover
But a skeptical writer
Anticipation would stir
my imagination
Now blank with a pen
To every word chain
To every verse
To every unfolding stanza
There was magic and rhythm
This translated into intimacy
But I have got a plan
I'm going to take my mind
on excursion
Do bungee jumping
so I seize an out of body moment
I'm taking on a travelling job
To miss you so much
so often
For all that love
For all that homesickness
To burst into a word montage
Mugerwa Muzamil Mar 2018
Soul, are you a hue of no colour
or you're like a drop of water
held together by surface tension
Are you infused in all flesh

Soul, when I cut my skin
I'm blind to you
Are you veiled from us like Angels
Does the body take on your shape
or you take on the shape of the body

Soul, are you energy
that you can't be lost

Are you made of photons or atoms
Are you connected to God
Radiate from flesh to the cosmos
Do you rest, when I sleep
or you wander in the universe

Can you wear flesh
Like we wear clothes
Do you feel without the body
Are you immortal by nature
or by God's leave

When an entity, do you feed
or you're like sun of infinite vitality
or you're a universe with in us
Milky way galaxies in our hearts
Are you reason and doubt
It is said only God knows the secrets of the soul.
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