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Nolan P Aug 3
Nerves shot,
annoyance budding and anger is lurking
on the lashes of eyelids
Mind is fuming,
Heart is rat-a-tat-tapping louder
than a band’s drum.
What was is wanted is
pools of sunlight opening up
from an azure blue sky
soft music,
a crossword puzzle too difficult to finish
similar to the wishful thinker’s mind
And one poem on talking about the joys
of living while ignoring
today’s forecast.
Nerves settle down
When the creator of such dreams
recognizes all the vices
are pleasantly in the next room.
Haylin Dec 2018
I ignore you because I'm sick of your foul words.
Yes, I'm aware of your intentions to hurt.
And everytime you walk by,
I turn away and act as if I were blind.
But I only do this because you hurt me so badly inside.
Brent Kincaid Jul 2018
Please listen.
Everybody makes mistakes.
Please don’t make me one of them.
It’s just one of life’s bad breaks.
Replay what I have told you again,
And listen, please listen.
Look into what I have said,
Let it play inside your head.

Please listen.
Listen to what I am saying
Instead of what you’re thinking.
Make me the song you are playing.
Then, listen, please listen.
Not what you think you heard.
Do listen closely to my words.

It is so very important
That you hear the content
It’s from my innermost heart,
It's what I think and pray
From my soul at the very start
And it will never ever go away.

So, listen.
It’s easy to stay half aware
Of what others have to share
And not quite care to hear
What their heart is crying out
The hopes they hold dear
That you could care about.

It is so very important
That you hear the content
It’s from my innermost heart,
It's what I think and pray
From my soul at the very start
And it will never ever go away.
Poetic T Sep 2017
I could never read
because I thought it tasted
like nicotine flooded ashtrays..

translating censorship was like
for every breath serenaded my
                                    lack of interest..
Alec Jul 2017
... silence
... silence
... silence
... silence
Are you dead?
... silence
... silence
Are you ignoring me?
... silence
Okay, I'll leave you alone
... silence
... silence
... silence
... silence
... silence
Are you okay?
... silence
I'll leave you alone, sorry
... silence
... silence
... silence
Do I bother you?
No, you're fine, it's not you I swear.
... silence
... silence"
I know, I know
I shouldn't let this hurt me so.
I should believe you
I shouldn't think what you say is untrue.
It's not all about me
But this happens so often it's hard not to see.
Are we really friends?
Is this coming to an end?
Are you going to leave me too?
... Like all of them.
Was I too clingy?
Should I have just let you be?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to bother you.
I just didn't want to lose you too.
Ah, I suppose its my own fault.
I shouldn't have opened my vault.
I shouldn't have told you all about me and who I am
It must've been as boring as watching falling sand.
I'm sorry that I thought-
What did I think?
Did I honestly think you cared?
I opened up to you, even though I was scared.
What an idiotic move
That's like being in broad daylight as I steal the Mona Lisa from the Louvre.
I never meant to bother you
I didn't mean to stick to you like glue.
Don't worry, I'll leave
But you have to promise to go too. Don't tease.
Let's just leave each other be.
Sydney Bittner Jan 2017
Laughter hollow cheeks red
“I wanna be drunk and forget the things she said”.
Darling your eyes are winter warm
And in this place your breath causes a storm.
But you’ve never been thunder
Your past more than just a blunder.
No one sees what you don’t show them.
Hesitant fingers on a tattered shirt hem
Thought running from who you used to be would fix this,
But there will always be things that belong to you,
Things you miss.
Thought forgetting it all would soothe you,
Though in forgetting you lost yourself, too.
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