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Nynke Nov 2023
She looks like an angel
Smiles like a child
Got through life like a soldier
And has a mothers’ heart

~ N.N.
Nynke Oct 2023
I miss me

~ N.N.
Nynke Mar 2023
Vanilla incense
smells like
the nights you spent
between my thighs
Sweet memories
in another life
Looking into your eyes
blurred my sight
As you taught your demons
where to hide

~ N.N.
This is an adjustment to an earlier writing
Nynke Mar 2023
As roses bloom
And oaks grow tall
She hides herself
Where the shadows fall

~ N.N.
Nynke Aug 2022
Have you ever seen
A lake as green
Leaves covering
My skin
As I swim
Through thoughts
So mesmerising
Nynke May 2022
Her smile reflects the warmth of the sun
Her eyes hold the depth of the ocean
Her hands carry the heavy weight of her past
Nynke Feb 2022
Why do we fear?
What do we fear?
What if fear fears us?
And we fear fear.
Then fear breaks us apart.
So let's face fear.
And let fear be.
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