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Pr nandni Jul 4
She searched for PERFECTION, so she's ALONE
Expected beautiful stories, so the pages are BLANK
LOVED the fluttering stars, sold her sleep
PROCURED trust but auctioned her FREEDOM...
Pr nandni Jul 2022
Sun melted to pink, but Sky is still BLUE...
Not everything turns GOLDEN before the end
Only the HORIZON is colourful,
Lemme see...
Yeah, and for a long time sky is gonna be blue
Sky will remain blue unless you pour colours to it
Pr nandni Jun 2022
YOU'RE not only who has problems here,
RISE above your grief.....
Look up,
SKY have SCARS too!!!!
Turns colourfull, Burns his BLUE ......
Pr nandni Jun 2022
I forgot to be happy
On something I should
I was eager,
I forgot to smile! in order to chase something bigger....

Today when I can't decide whether
I lost or I won
Hard to gather my self....
To keep fighting!
For every step,
For your next move, when no one is around you!
I ignored to be happy!

Suddenly you are awake, by reality of your situation.
When you konw, its really different to hold.
Hard to breathe, heavy heart, blurry vision
Then that things which you ignored initially,
Is the only reason for happiness
Today you are left with!
Pr nandni Jan 2022
Sometimes it's better to leave the pages BLANK
Sometimes the BEST is to not EXPRESS everything,
Let your emotions be wrapped beneath TRUST
Put your LOVE on the lap of future,
Let it BORN with peace.

Don't sum yourself up in ONE word,
Just LEAVE the pages blank.
Leave it blank
Pr nandni Jul 2021
The excursion of a mother commences when she EMBRACES the child as a boon,
A life long relevance emanated from your WOMB..
To enter into this wicked world i took a gap ,
To comprehend the despicable i stayed in your lap....

I ****** her blood, changed her appetite
I was no more than a PARASITE
She supplied me TONES of calcium
All my skeleton , all my FLESH she owns
She ENDURED those mood swings ,
Nausea, vomiting that i brought
He was expecting his heredity, his PRIDE
She was HAPPY that i exist,
She loved me from very start
I stole her breathe , but she embraced my heart......

From 1st trimester, because of her my heart is BEATING
If i didn't love her back that would be a CHEATING

A sense of TRUST that can't be broken ,
A depth of love sometimes UNSPOKEN....
You SACRIFICED yourself to evolve me like our heart as ONE ,,,,
A link that can never be UNDONE...
Every time you realise how intelligent you are ,think about your mother. How brilliant is she, and imagine how much more she could done if she got that chance !
Somewhere we are also responsible for her stalled career ...
but we hesitate to even express our gratitude to her.....
Pr nandni Jun 2021
Never STOP yourself to WONDER how BEAUTIFUL you're ,,
Jealousy will cease you to RUN after more SUPERIOR than you..
Your beauty will not stop you, but your PRIDE on your beauty will LOCK your MOVE ..

OPEN your HEART every time you open your EYES..
Make your soul LIVELY and
as PLAYFUL as butterfly
Who spends their whole LIFE , flying across AESTIVATIONS ,,
Of singly coloured PETALS....
Holding the band of RAINBOW on their BACK...

If they stop , to CHERISH their beauty
It'll disturb the law..
UNAWARE of their BREATHTAKING beauty they're happy & BUSY..

So, if you're arrived for a JOURNEY
Never make SONGS of your MISERIES
Make your PAIN , a mole of CHEEK
Not an EXCUSE to hide your FACE
Never let your SHORTCOMINGS be the reason to RUN away from LIFE...

They call crawling caterpillars UGLY
But wishes to get KISSED from butterflies
They're nagging , criticizing judgemental
Can only PRAISE the Beauty...
Nobody is INTERESTED in anyone's journey
So BUSY to see transformation
But Ready to Compare & to make PERCEPTION ......
"Don't let the noise of other people's opinion drown out your own inner voice" ~ S.J.
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