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If someone makes you happy,
make them happier,

even at the cost of you happiness.
On one sweet summer day
I saw you along the bay
I just remembered
those smiles that blown me away.

That moment stuck with me forever.
It haunts me every night on my sleep
like a beautiful nightmare
that's keeping me awake
hoping to see it again in reality.

I'm just like a little boy in the dark night,
staring at the starry sky,
waiting for the star to fall
I can't even reached.
Education is a right, not a privilege.
Everyone should not be deprived of knowledge,
But in times of crisis,
We all have different stories.

Our freedom has not ceased,
And there's no need for academic freeze.
We can still choose whether or not
We go to school or not.

It is true that this are hard times,
But we should not let education decline.
And it is true that the system lacks strategy,
But it is up to us to learn more effectively.

Teachers must also be prudent and perceptive,
To make the learning system effective and constructive.
Remember not all students have the same capacity,
But we must embrace the new normal with tenacity.
Your voice is melody in my ears.
Every word you speak,
every sound you make
is like a song sung by thousand angels
that will fetch me into the heavens.
I just wanna hear your voice everyday
I'm dazed,
I'm amazed,
I am baffled with grace.

Those angelic voice that whispers,
that chimed within my ears,
sent chills down my spine
and pierced through my chest
like a frozen spear.
Your voice sounds like an angel.
Every word, every sound it makes
freezes my heart.
Ilang beses man sinubok ng panahon,
Ilang beses man lunurin ng alon,
Pero di kailan man mauubos ang pagkakataon
upang magpatuloy at maka ahon.

Sa bawat paglubog ng araw
ay may kadilimang umiibabaw
pero ito'y hindi panahon para magluksa
kundi ito'y para panahon para makapagpahinga.
Pagkatapos nito'y isang panibagong umaga,
ito'y pagsisimula ng panibagong kabanata.
Sabi nga nila,
sundin mo kung anong nilalaman ng puso.
Sa bagong simula nato
Di na muna ako makikinig sa kanilang payo.
Ayaw ko munang sundin
itong malakas na pintig ng aking damdamin.
Gusto ko munang i-alay tong puso ko sa Kanya,
Siya na may-ari nitong lahat, ating Manlilikha.
Ipapaubaya ko muna sa Kanya itong lahat
Kahit saan man ako dalhin,
pero sa aking tingin
sa iyo pa rin ako makakarating.
Don't follow your heart, just surrender your heart to God and let him guide you.
I don't know why,
but I think I am crazy.
I'm always out of my mind.
I just can't get you out of my mind.

Am I crazy for always thinking about you?
Or you're just driving me crazy.
Your name also rhymes with crazy xD
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