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They say
"Love isn't enough."


It's just an excuse
for they
the don't love you enough.
Make your downfall
a momentum
to rise up
Don't just go with speed,

Go with direction.
Let God directs you no matter how slow.
Slow progress is better than an aimless speed
gusto kong itali ka sa dito puso ko,
mas gugustuhin kong ako'y hawakan mo,
at ipagsigaw sa buong mundo
na ako'y sa iyo
at ika'y akin lamang.
I am an open book,
not a film, not a movie,
not a song, not a music.
I don't create a melody
nor am I delightful visually.
My pages are blank,
all torn apart.
So if you'll try to read me,
good luck.
Nobody understands me.
I'm sorry
for being an insult
just for being me
I'm sorry for not being enough.
Bad communication
leads to broken feelings

But please Lord,

Bind the wounds
of her shattered heart.
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