Promises turn into words
Words turn into lies
Lies turn into actions
Actions turn into promises.

An endless cycle,
An unceasing pattern,
An eternal rhythm,
that was already been shattered
by the beat of my heart
that trembles the unbreakable pattern.
No more promises that turn into lies,
Only words that turn into actions.
And ignites the beginning of a new cycle,
The endless cycle of Love.
Love is not just about hugs, kisses, and surprises.
It's about acceptance and making sacrifices.
I love you so much.
From the very first time I saw your smile,
You make my heart beats like I was running a mile.
Even I was just looking at you for a while,
You make every second of it worthwhile .

From the very first time I saw your face,
I know your are the one I'm going to chase.
You gave my life a reason to race.
In the end line, you're the one I'm going to embrace.
She's fragile,
She's vulnerable,
She's flawed,
She's broken.
She's not the one with perfect past.
She's overshadowed with shattered memories.
She can't conceal her frowning visage.
with a twinkling veil in disguise.

I just wanna give her an unwavering embrace,
to slowly peel away those haunting memories,
and replace those tormenting nightmare
with a soothing caress.
I just wanna see her smiling face.

Even the darkest past
of a person won't last.
We can not change history,
but we can still believe in the future's mystery.
Let us live in the moment.
Let love change the course of time.
We are not all perfect. It just so happens that the girl I love doesn't have the best past but all that matters is what she is now. I just truly love her.
Di ko alam paano magsimula,
Di ko rin kasi alam kung paano "ito" nagsimula.
Kung paano mo ginising
ang puso kong himbing na himbing.
Kung paano mo ginawang makulay
ang boring kong buhay.

Saglit lang ang panahon na tayo'y nagkakilala
Pero sa panahon na yon pinaramdam mo sakin pa'no maging masaya,
Pinaramdam mo sakin kung pa'no tumawa
sa likod ng mga problema.
Binigyan mo ng kahulugan
ang buhay kong walang pakinabang.
Binigyan mo ako ng rason
para gumising at bumangon
sa umaga, at inaasam kong marinig
ang matamis mong tinig,
masilayan ang mga ngiting mong daig pa ang araw
sa pagbigay ng liwanag na sa akin at pumukaw.

Di ko na alam paano paano to tapusin,
Basta't ang alam koy ayaw ko muna to'ng tapusin.
There's no reward for those who can't take risks.

I am bounded the question "what if"
           Creating fear,
           Creating anxiety,
           Creating misery.
I am a prisoner of my own thought.

But everything is different with you.
You are the key,
you set me free.
It's like you are my symphony
in this world full of anarchy.
You put color to my dreary world.
You bring life to my lifeless world.

With you, I can do everything,
            No fear,
            no anxiety,
            no misery.
But to you, I am no one.
I am not the one who brings you harmony.
I am not the one who ignites the fire in your heart.
I am not the one that makes your eyes spark.
I am not the one that lights up your world.
I am just a shadow,
who will always be there for you
but still you don't see me
the way I see you.

Now I am back again,
Asking the question "what if?"
If I can't win you,
I can't risk losing you.
Just a friend
Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Sa mga bagay na wala namang kasiguraduhan.
Sa mga bagay na di natin hawak ang kalalabasan.

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Sa mga bagay na gusto nating makamtan,
Pero sa bandang huli ay pwede tayong masaktan.

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Kahit alam na nating wala nang pag-asa
Ay pinipilit pa rin nating umasa pa.

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Kailangan pa bang idilat tong mga mata,
Para lang mamulat sa katotohanan?

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Kahit alam natin na tayoy pwedeng mabigo,
At masaktan ang buo nating pagkatao?
Kasi mas iniisip natin ang posibilidad
Na tayoy maging maligaya,
Yung ramdam mo ang tagumpay,
Yung abot mo na ang pangarap mo sa buhay.

Kung di ka susugal,
Kailan pa?
Kung di ka susugal,
Talo ka na.
I dreamt once,
A realistic trance.
Then I saw you at first glance
But I never had the chance
To hold your hands.

Then I woke up,
And stood up,
Facing the reality
That we might never see
Each other

It may be just a dream
Or maybe I'm just insane,
But I could feel your existence.
I know it doesn't make any sense
And it is hard to achieve
But I want to believe
That you are real.
I would kneel
And pray.
I don't care what they'll say.
I would distort space
Just to see your face.
I would bend time
Just for you to be mine.

Time and space is no boundary
To make you my reality.
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