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Traveler Oct 2020
Cutting through the thickets
Where no path was ever laid
I struggle to fine my footing
The sky has now turn grey

Jagged rocks guide my steps
Through thistles and thorny ******
A familiar force within me dives
Struggling to stay alive

I wrestle with the landscape
Until I reach the clearing
There the maple spread its branches
Falling leaves to soften the ground
And so I sleep another
Thousand years...
Traveler Tim

I actually take my dogs out for a walk through landscape just like this out back of my home.
the neighbour's fox terrier
has taken to chasing me
a couple of days ago
I was walking to the car-shed
and when he sighted me
pursuit was firmly in his head
my walking gait
to a very fast run
so he'd not bite me
on the leg
before I go outside
I take a three sixty look around
and see if the coast is clear
of the tracking hound
Nascent thought provoking
threads flit to and fro
unseen solitary pinball wizard
cavalierly fiddles indiscriminately
leveraging outcome

silently holistic thought fragments
strewn staccoto scattershot
attenuated blitzkrieg
brain storm saturates,
par for course sandtrap engulfs,

chaos reverberates within
besieged cerebral corridor,
quotidian mental onslaught
spurns refugee exodus,
psychological ploy asper viable coping

function forgoes figurative
foothold toe tully forfeited
tenuous grasp slips forcing migration,
Sans psychotic shrapnel
clefts emotional well being,

without rhyme or reason
sense and sensibility rent asunder
rational, overall logical
modus operandi quashed
dealt fatal savage ******

soundless insanity relentlessly pounds
fifty plus shades gray matter
noiselessly bombarding
lofty craft cognitive faculty atelier
strafed emotional rescue

relegated to twilight zone
outer limits house barbed bereft ken
dolled, hallowed, and lobotomized
mined kempf desecrated sacred reliquary

orbits like a neurological asteroid belt
Self healing fragments repelled
despite fervent application grounded
evincing proof of positive thinking
courtesy Norman Vincent Peale

fore gone conclusion crowning
accursed albatross gussied as SPD
(schizoid personality disorder)
undefeated champ decamping forever
within noggin of this mortal male
til death do me part!
When the wind blows
the heart goes
wild, though you're now known
for resolution
Waving, you wave to meet me
planted feet, we work on

and never will the will divide, subside or enervate
knowing all the drive of future forward
blast the past and liberate
the little pieces to combine
to gain one whole life once shattered
we come to meeting
stand to celebrate

When will this wind stop beating at the windows?
When they ask, tell them straight and lively, it won't.

— The End —