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Sandra Lee Jul 2022
She's not a lady
In the strictest sense
She's my puppy dog
And that's her defense.
Got her at seven months
Wild and crazy
And it's been so since.
She's not like the others
Both male
And gotten as pups
But we love her nevertheless.
Oddly she and I have the same birthday
We are both Virgos and that's a fact.
Had just put down dear old Scout
Didn't know what my life would be without
Miraculously an email appeared
From a friend who knew my pain
Said someone took their pups back
To the ******* again.
We wanted a male
But who could resist
An opportunity like this.
How can I describe her
Noisy, enthusiastic, Stubborn
Playful, Insistent, Beautiful
And Special as all dogs should be.
the neighbour's fox terrier
has taken to chasing me
a couple of days ago
I was walking to the car-shed
and when he sighted me
pursuit was firmly in his head
my walking gait
to a very fast run
so he'd not bite me
on the leg
before I go outside
I take a three sixty look around
and see if the coast is clear
of the tracking hound
saranade Apr 2016
When He's here.
When I have night terrors, he's next to me.
When I laugh, he smiles with me.
When I get stressed, he distracts me.
When I'm working, he follows me.
When I cry, he kisses my tears.
When I wander, he's always at my side.
When I became paralyzed, he became more alert.
When I need a hug, he accepts my one armed hug.
Riley, my dog.

— The End —