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the neighbour's fox terrier
has taken to chasing me
a couple of days ago
I was walking to the car-shed
and when he sighted me
pursuit was firmly in his head
my walking gait
to a very fast run
so he'd not bite me
on the leg
before I go outside
I take a three sixty look around
and see if the coast is clear
of the tracking hound
saranade Apr 2016
When He's here.
When I have night terrors, he's next to me.
When I laugh, he smiles with me.
When I get stressed, he distracts me.
When I'm working, he follows me.
When I cry, he kisses my tears.
When I wander, he's always at my side.
When I became paralyzed, he became more alert.
When I need a hug, he accepts my one armed hug.
Riley, my dog.

— The End —