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Connor Exodus Dec 2015
Spit on me with your mind
And dissect me with your eyes.
Decipher this very self, less
Orientated being that simply exists.

Plunder your skin around
My thoughts without effort or
Worry. Everyday without knowing,
Show harshly, I do not matter.

Lie inside of my ribs, caged
In a blanket of spring. Warm
And numb in a cornucopia
Of love whilst it howls outside.

Please, stop recalling time as
if it is the oxygen you breathe.
We have until the last sheep
verbally dismembers me cold.

I feel I only have a little left.
Yet only a fraction has been
Taken. Hurry, find me, and
allow me to climb out of my brain.
Open to interpretation.
Ormond Sep 2015
Spam is like ego
Fragile, vain, hurtful to host
Flames turning to ash
Sally A Bayan Sep 2015
To be
a  husband, or a wife,
a friend
a sister, a brother
a mother, a father
an aunt, an uncle
a grandmother, or a grandfather,
one has to be a indestructible wall
amidst storms and droughts, never to fall
be thought of as Fire and Ice:

be the Fire, the steady flow of heat on icy, or wintry nights
the wood crackling, to fuel the flames dying...
a burning spur for the mind, when nothing comes out of the well
fire to boost the wilting spirit..bringing in newborn courage...
the warmth from hands that would hold... heal and  save
to fight for those near  you...even the ones farthest from you

be the Ice that never melts, right in the middle of the fire
to gently freeze anger...hostility...madness
neutralize the fiery air, to balance the atmosphere
to be a cooler head, among violent minds
make glaring eyes and deaf ears, receptive to reason
from an icy blue...

"Are you a shrink?"
i was asked once...
the thought lingered for a while...

Why, maybe...yes!
i've got no license, though
all i have are experiences,
a drop of and there
from times, when i failed
to notice what i was wearing
even the weather prevailing
because i was swimming
with troubled, murky waters...

As heads of our families
Fire and Ice, we have to be...


Copyright September 6, 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
Rochelle R Aug 2015

Clouds arrive like villains in smiles,
Their threat proudly displayed upon their menacing faces.
The winds are rolling, freshly born.
Waves get restless.
They know a violent cascade is looming.
The impending chaos is tangible.
The cosmos hold their breath.
Time stands still.
Both inciting it
And cowering in it,
Is dominant here.
Lightning flashes a glimpse of what's to come.
Thunder speaks the words we instinctively know.
Calm resonates the precipice of disaster.
A vibration tethered for too long,
Shakes a warning to run.
It's too late.
The eye is focused.
I am the storm.
I am here.
I am a flight risk.
Wonderland by day
Wasteland by night

Hospitable under the sun
Hostile under the moon

Flourishing in the light
Destructive in the dark

Heaven for the accompanied
Hell for the alone

I was born on the bright side
Now I live on the dark side

But not for long
I'm going back
This poem pretty much sums up my experience living alone in Stockton-on-Tees for almost two years. Makes me all the more glad that I'll be moving down to Eastleigh this summer.


© Jordan Dean "Mystery" Ezekude
Danny Price Mar 2015
Instability exposed
The grief I'd suffered
To the shambling wrecks
Like whimsical china.
Kelsey Nicole Feb 2015
Spit your poison into my open ear, let it leak
through my veins and secrete from
my pores, let it drip upon my
mouth and slither on top
of my tongue, you
know I love the
Sombro Jan 2015
My mother used to tell me
That bullies are just jealous.
They're not,
They're just wrong.
This is my philosophy in regards to negativity. There's no jealousy involved, only being wrong. A right person is a good person.
Saturated meat
floating in a sea of melancholy
spite and olive oil.

the elegance of autocracy
'Take the plate away'.

Discrete pleas
beneath a blasphemous sky
defeated by the heat.

Happiness postponed
by procrastination
and moments of hostility.
Impulzez Apr 2014
No Bargain; No Ills
Her deep dark twin
ain't got a spin if she
doesn't spill, so chill
No Deals; No Seals
I'm not sorry for her
hurt, hate and hostility
I'm not the pain, never was
so don't take it out on me
I'm just not Her Beautiful
In the Wind nor Within
She wouldn't let me be
No Hunt; No Kills
She was hurt long before i came
Now a hard, cold, cynical
woman incapable of expressing
Love is a decision she can change
No Soul; No Love
Her body calls but her heart curses
I was once there; yea I really was
Clouded also in my high end darkness
Even the Deepest  Darkest agony
only goes when we let go
"he should let it go"
this is for her not for me
No Wrongs; No Worth
less I take a chill...
and utter my guilt
Yes, i did wrongs
I never meant
but we had an agreement
"let go if we don't flow"
ice don't melt on ice
from our cradle in the
Cream Castle till now
"where's the love we made"?
one rekindled after the hay
No Confidence; No Evidence
As you lay your bed ...
never test your flares and
fears in frightening ferries
No Forgiveness; No Blessedness
I can't forget nor would you
yet let it remind us how wrong we went
so we don't go down that path again
...The story from behind...
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