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Apr 2016
The Jealous Beasts

Why are feathers touched by angels clipped to stop them knowing how far they can fly
Why do birds who can't reach to know always try
Why is it sometimes that we love for no reason other than to watch a bird stretch their wings then never say goodbye
All these things I have learned and yet we see and do it every time because our natural instincts are to fear what's not known and stop it by any means I sigh
Being different makes stranded birds float upon ponds and just drift around featureless reticent awry
The Albatross floats on winds without energy for miles and miles to face any mountain or the lightest bluest sky and that is the freest; learning to let the wind blow wherever it may remember to go high and dry
So soon in your life you must remember everything for a purpose and a reason or we might all just die
Written by
Peter Kiggin
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