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Apr 2016
**** it all
**** myself
**** life
And **** the world

I know there are people out there
Who are actually worth a ******* ****
But the rest of them can all burn
Whilst I grind my teeth and let my anger stir

What is it that you see
When you look inside of me?
Is it something crushed?
My soul with dark claws and violent lust?

This little ******
Gives me the strength
To keep pushing through
Yet another mindless day
And as I make my way
I pay my way
Hoping the world ends today

I'm sick of just sitting and doing nothing
I'd much rather be doing something
Perhaps with fire, perhaps with blade
And destroy this ******-up world we made!

Rend it useless, tear it apart
Watch as the blood spurts from the heart
Make the day the night and the darkness strong
And live in a world where I belong!

Everyone looks at me like I'm a freak
And how dare I open my mouth and speak
And sit back down, no-one cares
Yet they are surprised when he dares, oh how he dares!

Hostility to those who waste my time
Who dis both my body and my mind
When I break, then you will see
How I could break you just as easily!

Oh how I hate all this ****
That was written at the bottom in fine print
And the world we exist in as I speak,
And how we must be submissive and meek!

I will not submit to the torture
I will not submit to brainwash
So you can stand and face my fury
Or rip your maps and just get lost!
So. Mad. Right.Now
Written by
Viseract  19/M/Adelaide
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