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Rochelle R Mar 17
Hey old friend ,
Haven't talked for awhile ,
I saw your face and it made me smile ,
Remembering Long nights ,
The ones where music spoke,
The silence as it comforted us,
I let you see things nobody knows,
Don't know where it went wrong,
Guess there was too much weight to carry,
That's okay darling cause battling two ships can be scary,
I hope you are doing well ,
I hope she makes you laugh,
I hope that God is with you ,
And that these good days last,
So goodbye old friend ,
I hope we meet soon,
And if not in this life again,
Then one where misty gardens bloom.
I thought of you today and cried. Then I found these words and cried again. Some memories hurt to have, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. The briefest time with you, is enough to carry me through. Thanks for being you.
Rochelle R Sep 2018
A single moment,
As minute as the silence before the gasp of each breath,
Can leave us feeling like we’ve swallowed shards of glass.
That is the last pulse, before a heart breaks.
Rochelle R Jun 2018
I sit on my bed,
Gaze soft and unfocused.
Wrapped in the remnants of a shirt you left behind.
Or maybe I stole it.
An air conditioned breeze sends a chill through over-sized armholes that expose the flesh of my *******.
It wakes me from my hazy state.
Glancing up, for a moment I see you in this shirt...
But it’s my own reflection
in the mirror directly opposite my bed.
Disappointment washes over me and I let my gaze slide to the window.
Up, I see the summer moon
as the ghost of you fades from the forefront of my mind,
to its rightful home in my subconscious.
You and I are simply not to be.
Fated in another life,
But now our lives are intertwined and intimately connected to others.
This dream is not mine,
nor is it yours, to have.

It is time.
To bury a memory,
a hope,
a dream.
I watch, from the edge of our six foot trench,
As my own hands throw the first earth on an unmarked grave.
‘Twas but a dream
Rochelle R Feb 2018
The anguish in this alienating aloneness is alarmingly enlightening
I am aware as the colors of my aura
fade from vibrant to mute
A spiraling sense of self grasps at false promises of hope or help
Each face that shows itself as an ally is simply mirage or ghost
Or wisps of nothingness I probably hallucinated to cope
I am an anchor in a rushing tide
Life floods by with no more than a glance over the shoulder
Some collide from behind urging me to move on, frustrated when I don’t align with their idea of time
I need to be unapologetically ‘not ok’
Imagine my electric shock when I find that’s not an option
The anguish in this alienating aloneness is alarmingly enlightening
Rochelle R Feb 2017
I wished upon a thousand stars
That they would align
And a world would be ours
But the stars are untamably wild
And I couldn't be farther from you
If I was standing on mars
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