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Nayana Nair Mar 2018
We twist in the grip
of our own prejudices.
The valleys of our hatred
have become a part of our scars
that has a throbbing bitterness,
that impairs our vision
and numbs our heart.
Our lives divided by this fissure into
one half looking for a way out of hostility
and other half feeding on it.
Afiqah Dec 2016
I've love myself thin
I've love myself until I'm empty
'fore the fissure starts to take its root inside me
and become an **** thing
you have dressed me with rain,
not long
named me after the storm
and it felt as if we knew each other
for every of our yesterday's
it was lovely to be able to love you

S R Mats Apr 2015
What doesn't **** you doesn't **** you.
It does not necessarily make you stronger.
Does a crack in the wall make it stronger?

The bone heals the fracture.  Stronger -
The pipefitter welds the pipe.  Stronger -
Only work on "the broken" can make it stronger.

Become stronger -

— The End —