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What you watch?
What you see?
What you hear?
What you read?

What you learn?
What you know?
What you don't?
Where you go?
Happy April Fools 2017
Beware of falsehoods
That's what the cards told me
Now the curtain is rising
And it's not pretty to see

The bridges are long gone
But the evil still breeds
What's going to happen to us and me?

Where is our Shepherd
When we need him dear?
Isn't there much more to life
Than just blood and tears?

A hot steel rhino
Drowns a city in its screams
What's going to happen to them and me?

The accursed notebook
Earns its stars and stripes
The eagle is grounded
While the magpies take flight

A young grim reaper
Brings his scythe to a sheen
What's going to happen to him and me?

Here lies Jonny Boy
And his fall from grace
All his strings are breaking
And he realizes too late

Forgive me Claudine
For the bitterness I keep
What's going to happen to you and me?

Brains are frying
And hearts are spilled
The more we hurt now
The longer it takes to heal

Have I still a long way
Before I lay down and sleep?
What's going to happen to all and me?

Where are you now, dear Shepherd?
Can you hear me?
Can we save ourselves?
In response to today's bad news including the devastating Westminster Bridge Assault. I've been at my wit's end with everything that's happened in just one day...

Woe for England and the world indeed!
Oh, Abernathy
How long has it been
Since we left school
And went our separate ways?

Oh, Abernathy
I still think of you
And I wonder how you are
To this day

All the things we used to make
All the rules we tried to break
And they say that kids will still be kids

But, oh, Abernathy
The teachers are doing fine
They were smiling
When I visited them one day

And, oh, Abernathy
I hope you're doing well
Wherever you are
Whatever may come your way

Oh, the memories I hold dear
They have all but disappeared
It's both a blessing and a curse

Oh, Abernathy
My Lawrence, Abernathy
I wonder what you're doing
To this day

There's no need to be upset
Please don't sweat this stuff or fret
I only want to let you know

Abernathy, you're still on my mind
I remember your golden hair and your pearly eyes
Our friendship will never fade away, I swear

Oh, Abernathy
Dear Lawrence, Abernathy
I just pray to God
That you are still okay

Oh, Abernathy
I always think of you
And I wonder how you are
To this day
For my primary school crush, Abbie, at Shepherd's Down School...

Heavily inspired by "Angie" by The Rolling Stones.

Sorry I missed Valentine's Day for this.
I wish to be in Solitude,*
Away from countless distractions and useless epiphanies.
I wish to be in Solitude,
Away from tiring conversations of endless encounters.
I wish to be in Solitude,
I long to sit in silence, a blanket of tranquility,
To only hear my own slow breathing.
I long to listen to the trees,
While a wave of wind flows over me, into Serenity.
I long to close my eyes,
To only see my gentle hands and the natural colors of the woods when I open them.
I long to see these vibrant colors of life again,
Not to be diluted by monotonous greys.
I long to clear my head of anyone’s voice that is not my own,
Allowing only the harmonic song that the flowers sing of healing.
I long to heal and to rest,
To forgive my brain and body of self-inflicted harm.
I wish to be in Solitude.
  Oct 2016 Jordan Dean Ezekude
I want to tell you stories
of how I dream to be great
encourage me to reach them
with you
in each passing days.
I want to hear you giggle
at my lame jokes
laugh on how corny they were
declare that I'm better in somewhere else
and that I should quit it
but I will still going to tell you more.
I want to cuddle you at night
whisper sweet nothings
until you fall asleep
in my arms
hear you snore
watch you in the dim light
watch you stay safe by my side.
I want to wake up next to you
the first thing I'm going to see as I open my eyes
was your taunting huge brown eyes
twinkling brighter than the morning star
the first thing I could touch
would be your porcelain skin
to prove to me
that the last night was not a dream.
I want to love you.
But each time I close my eyes
I see my hair in the sheets
tangled with amber strands
and yours are *jet black.
Whatever happened to the promises
We made for the greater good?
What are we doing to keep them?
Are we doing less than we should?

What are we teaching our children now?
Are we teaching them at all?
What will they grow up to be?
Will they live to become our downfall?

Did we forget our own language?
Or did we simply not learn in the first place?
And have we no words to write
And no words to say?

What good are our brains
If we have no mind to use them?

Is this the best we can do?
Have we reached our limits?
Can we aim high no longer?
Are we fated to aim forever low?

How many times must we be warned
Until we get the message?
Are the ones who warn wasting their breath?
Are we going deaf?

How much blood do we have to spill?
How much damage do we have to cause and feel?
Have we gone blind?
Whatever happened to goodwill?

What's to become of the loving ones?
What's to become of the earnest ones?
What's to become of everyone with a heart?

Are all the good people doomed
To be used by the bad?

Is this the best we can do?
Have we reached our limits?
Can we aim high no longer?
Are we fated to aim forever low?

What about faith, hope and love?
What about those who live to love?

What about faith, hope and love?
What about those who live for love?

What about faith, hope and love?
What about those who live in love?

What about faith, hope and love?
What about those who live and love?
In response to the headlines at the start of this month as well as the issues they describe (e.g. national illiteracy, incompetent politicians, crime and terrorism, etc.)...


© 2016 Jordan Dean "Mystery" Ezekude, Incognitus Entertainment
What are you thinking now?
Where are you going now?
What are you thinking, Colobus?

How are you doing today?
How are you feeling today?
How are you doing, Colobus?

Is there somewhere that you need to be?
Or feel the urge to be?
Is there something that you want to do?
No matter how high the walls may be?

Will you be alright out there?
Even in the cold night out there?
Will you be alright, Colobus?

Promise that you'll take care out there?
Promise that you'll be strong out there?
Promise that you'll take care, Colobus?
Inspired by the Angolan colobus which I saw with my own eyes at the Marwell Zoo, Winchester this October.


© Jordan Dean "Mystery" Ezekude
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