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Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
Stretching the rubber band

People all with different faces in my memory reflections of empty spaces
I look back and you're not their forever I sit and think of you as water runs down empty stairs
A white dress you've worn on a summers day while gazing through that which still remains
The long days with bright sunshine and glasses filled with cheap red wine whilst kissing you underneath the ripe grape vines
Words don't come easily as everything is and was and could been and if you did I didn't agree completely
That is why my long love lasts as I forget the present and hold dear the past but then was then and now is now that is why life is one long ask.
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017

Tomorrow will be pleasant and the flowers will rise to the Sun but never quite reaches
Tomorrow I'll play with my dog because he's fun and we never argue but glad to be with
Tomorrow I'll walk were the factories hum to hear the wheels of the cogs as it screeches
Tomorrow I'll dig a big hole then my work will be done and only one thing I know what it teaches
Tomorrow I'll put on my shoes and go for a run because no one can stop me and all that it impeaches.
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
Born this way

Born this way and always knowing
Born this way time is owing
Born this way darkness floating
Born this way beautiful stunning
Born this way subtle calling
Born this way lion snoring
Born this way holding falling
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
Don't Leave
Please sleep soundly my only son
I,ll watch over you until my dying breath and your a man then I'll be gone
As I see you grow I look at you and proud am I of what you've become
No one knows how much I love you except my woman the only woman whose love freely comes
It's easy to think that people believe in a world and a place to where our souls live living on
Maybe the world is just a place that our bodies have to experience life before the soul leaves for new beginnings and so the circle turns and the universe lives from
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
Walking in a certain way.

The birds aren't singing today
It's raining so kids stay in instead of going out to play
I walk up town and see there's nothing to see but alley ways
I sit on a bench in the gardens so pretty in all colours but they are crying for sunshine I would say
I walk over a bridge far from home and stop to watch as the water runs never stays
Something amongst the trees watches me and I start to pray
Alone in a forest I shouted hey
He ran like the water from the brook gone astray on this rainy day
Water trickles down my back and I shiver and think of home but it sounds very grey
I always walk by the nurses quarters to see if I can glimpse the nurse with the long red hair and then I walk away always dismay
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
Black stocking she's in black stockings
Candles burning dark night calling
Candles burning dark night calling
Hard grinding we're hard grinding
Hard grinding we're hard grinding
***** talking sweet ***** talking
***** talking sweet ***** talking
The floor boards rocking
The floor boards are rocking
she's moaning yeah she is moaning
I'm ******* I'm really deep *******
She's coming I feel her when she's coming
Black stockings yeah black stockings
interlocking body knocking for more.
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
To be Free

We come to be
We come to see
We come through the night to the morning light
We come from trees
We come from the sea
We come to understand we have to work the land just to feed
We all need we all agreed
We hunted for meat
We come to see
We come to be
We have found that something found is not necessarily free
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