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Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, this is the reason I write;>

dark rainbow rays mirrored on a ferris wheel
a getaway car in an edged escape to night steal

neon lights shimmering to hit the blind
whisper the whistles for an old memory on kind

like music blasting from ages of dreamt youth
sirens delight a heaven to the soothe

instrumental of the better sometimes wilder
violins haven hearts of lost on minder

crowds beat in one
rockstar of a blast concert as if none

sweat painted down the back
shivering sensations never seem to black

a run for life from the poison killing attach
even when the loneliest matters or not without a match

heard before my days known in my mercury
just uranused with a flaw abroad the mild century

is it for a regret?
to keep this mere on an impossible met

yellow on the head
better hidden not said?

a smoking pulse on a midnight walk to anger
hair torn feet split on a single dancer

hell of a heartbreak on rhymes
driving on blades on knives

upon screams liberate a burning love rosed
rare nostalgia again miracled an incredulous indie overdosed

Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, do you know what is more hurtful than missing a human???--missing a character from your dream--you can't even blame him in his face:\

met you last night in the gone

this will take a lot to be claimed to the bone

grinning crowns of versus been worn

to live to keep in those halls up torn

cold I keen shimmering in so dim so tight

a wholesome of neon light

elegant in blacks you trail you knight

a little too high

a little too low

way old for eyes to glow

sometimes loose sometimes harsh and stones

finally to me he saves approach

mesmerize and charm clasp arms and tease clarks

flying with you hell of a need a struck of a stark

know the way never minding no cry no pay

shoulder she presses

kisses she smolders

caressing bits n'pieces

a decay of something older no longer beholder

swoon her in brains

spread her in walls

in yellows and thunders always a smile

jarred well sworn to them all

swept to her feet

heart and soul

to your submit

I hate to admit

but things are lit

taste the rain

drown the pain

can't release your chain

in my sleep

your whispers seep

cut me so deep

from the pinkie touch

to the hold of the much

in the gazes unseen loud

in bet of middle of crowd

bring a right in your ignite of a strict detect

up taken so fished by your unbounding protect

get to you get to me

I struggle of these for you to be safe to see

foul me none not again

I fail dread in your essence

cant scribble cant write

things my heart wont come across a possible define

purple screams and black molds upon my wondrous

soul they dime and sore

not like others

heaven to you heaven to me

treat the lavishes then worship the envies

clot wounds gamble truths

just as nothing else I wont await no more

traced here

known where

forever in my heart

your place bewares

a necklace to the angels

to you took to you sold to you you win

take me forever

in the bordeaux I'm covered

already missing you

got me on clouds loving you

stranger Jul 2018
Pick any ride you like
Do you want to go to the one in the distance?
Or this overly colored one...look it’s so bright!
The other one’s too far away...look the bright one’s now turquoise.
Oh look there’s a black rollecoaster... but it seems so broken down
I guess it was cool before but now it’s all rusty
Maybe we should go to that fast food shack all our friends are around

Oh no it’s raining all the neon lights are going off!
The buildings and rides  are falling apart!
Except for that black rollercoaster’s ticket shack
run there it’s safer
Why aren’t there any tickets...why is it full of alcoholic liquor?
Lighting strikes again and the floor pulls us in
I guess we will be part of this attraction when nobody will come tomorrow morning.
*i tried comparing my feelings to an amusement park I guess it didn’t work but eh....*
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2018
When we're high
We dance inside my head.
We dance in a way that we've never danced before.
You and I on a stage of collected thoughts.
Without fear how we move.
Without fear anyone watches.
We move in intrigue.
Without chairs or walls.
We dance among stars and eons of galaxies.
Your eyes trail the milky way.
Things otherwise complex.
Fully understood when we're high.
High off each other.
High off life.
You and I the experience of pulsating neon.
Swirling around and around.
The places we visit with a hop and a skip.
Your thighs a dress covered by stars,
Inside my head.
The place we go without fret.
Worry or fear.
Under the neon lights.
Every time I look at you.
Moons fall,
Eggshell snow,
Blurred illumination,
Dreary lights,
Twinkles disintegrate,
Blazed sparks fade,
Faint complexion,
Awkward tree,
Ornament shadows,
Fuses burn out,
Connection lost,
Spirit dies out,
Yuletide lie,

My eyes are dark as Halloween night.

Suns shine,
White angel,
Luminous site,
Multicolored pigments,
Rosy cheeks glow,
Rays seep through,
Vivid hue,
Elegant she,
Majestic gleams,
Beams strike around,
Fascination found,
Neon dyes around,
Joyful cry,

Her eyes are bright as Christmas morning.
My mother served me food on a plate branded “Hope”,

The gift you gave her that one Christmas,

When I was sober and you were kinder;

It was the life span of a neon light letter.

Isn’t that ironic?

— The End —