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Tonight, I met the winter breeze,
She flew as if a body deceased..

She told me stories of the past,
And talked about fories of the vast..

We were meeting after long,
So we sat there singing some old songs..

She still had many places to visit,
The dates she left me all in digits..

I saw her go,
My flaws followed so..

I was in a trance,
Could not see her prance..

I was dreaming,
When she was leaving..

And when she left,
I got swept..

By the waves,
In the caves..

I had died,
And my body had been pried..

She came again,
And took me in vain..

For my soul stayed,
Where my dreams had been slayed..
Tonight, I met the Winter Breeze.
It was just another day,
She woke up, dressed and went her way.

Was quite proud of her beauty & herself,
"SHE" enjoyed life to the fullest.

Little did she knew,
People would be waiting for her.

Waiting in the dark, dark nooks
Of the streets she took.

Waiting for her return,
Waiting for her “TO” return.
Waiting for her to return.
The moon was full,
The rose had bloomed,

The stars were twinkling,
Her scars were glistening;

The dew dripped down,
Her tears trickled down..

The Sun had set,
Her grief left her wet

She lay down alone,
The horizon was her own.

With no interruption, on the side,
She could scream out, in the void….
She could scream out in the void.
I lost myself in your quest,
Fate denied what was mine..

Burning within was a heart that died,
Leaving scars that did not lie..

Leaving me helpless,
In this world full of dead..

You went ahead,
Driven by your desires..

I was left alone once again,
Not to be ruptured but trained..

Finding myself was again a task,
Losing to you wasn't that hard..

Hath not I let go of my emotions,
I would still have had the chances of resurrection..

Nobody could enter this prickled heart,
The reason you were lone inside this ruined turret..

You awakened me, repainted my soul,
Made me strong enough to hold myself..

Then left me alone in the wild sea,
Never to come back..

The first few days were hard,
The struggle real with the wretched pains..

Love is not a bed of roses but of thorns,
You showed it right and held me tight..

For it helped me rise and fight again,
Tame the waves and tide again..

You left me to thrive,
I soared higher to cry..

You set my soul ablaze,
And cut my chains..

You were a traveller who settled,
And I became the restless bird of passage….
The restless bird of passage..
I was never told
To behold

The tears
Carrying all my fears

To let them flow
For the glow

To pay the price
For snatching the prize

To let someone die
On the mere roll of the die

I was never told
To behold

The dance of the fairies
Amongst fires in the prairies

Of the sacrifice
For the fool’s paradise

I was never told
To behold

The danseuse death
In her fight with fate

The glory bequeath
With the fory dead

I was never told

To prepare myself
To fight herself

To wrench my prize
From someone her size

I was never told
To behold

People’s fate
In someone’s gait

To let the decision
Be forsaken of vision

I was never told
To behold

The dance of the dead
As if they had never bled

Their waking up again
Out of deign not disdain

I was never told
To behold

The history being rewritten
And the mysteries being smitten..
I was never told.
Every day reminds me of you,
Every breath defines you for me;

I dare not say,
I do have a mother;

For I can't share my pains,
With just any other..

I know you were beautiful,
Just like the moon;

For what the moon reflects,
Is your light for me..

Someday we will meet,
When eternity begins;

We won't be too far,
But never would we see;

For when the destiny deigned,
Our ways not to be;

You were always there,
Just for me..
I miss my mother.
A coffin came my way,
They said, therein you lay;

I could believe them nay,
Until they said they could flay;

Wild I went,
I could not vent;

The expression remaining,
Before it started draining;

I was no longer composed,
I had to be dosed;

You were ethereal,
This had to be surreal;

No enmity could matter,
When everything had shattered;

You had been battered,
When you had me flattered;

I can not apologise,
You have been baptized;

I seek not your forgiveness,
I need not your liveness;

For you’ll always be,
Right here, in my heart;

I woke up, to find you gone,
For EVER in your zone..

I need not repent,
For I have your scent;

Your memories alive,
Shall always thrive;

You were one of a kind,
Never out of your mind;

It is not cowardice,
For it requires courage;

It shall not be despised,
For it was your suffrage..
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