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Alex Jan 2021
You're my imagination
I adore you
All your contours
And all the love that you bring
It's simple as that
Alex Jan 2021
Spilt blood seeps into the cracks of the earth
Floating gently down like a plucked feather
Deeper and deeper into the black soil
Which turns purple, slowly, like a bruised fruit
Carrying its infected blood to the core.
Festering roots grow, a tumour,
Which rises and bursts like an overripe fig
Into the open landscape below which it swelled.
Pink leaves hang from its twisted branches
And casts a black shadow submerging us all
Poem about fascism
Alex Dec 2020
I gathered all the animals that dogged me:
The Bears, Lions and treacherous snakes,
Leading them like the piper with my reed
To the temple that lay upon the mountainside.

Books of poetry dedicated to decayed passions
Were laid to rest upon bails of hay.
I spread black fuels onto their bodies
And with shaking hands carried a shining torch

Flames rose like autumn leaves swept by grey winds
Which reached with stretched arms to the clouds
Like a wailing child to it's mother.
The sky was torn in two, all ****** and broken.

The great temple dedicated to times gone
Was erased from the mountainside.
With bared teeth and the eyes of another,
I Inhaled the smoke and grew drunk upon it
Alex Dec 2020
I'm made of now
I'm melting
This is unbearable
This is unbearable
This is unbearable
I'm made of snow
I'm melting
This is unbearable
This is unbearable
This is unbearable
I can't believe I made through winter
Just to be cut short by the summer
This is unbearable
I'm made of snow
But my chest hurts
Everything hurts
This is unbearable
Idk about this one chief
Alex Dec 2020
The sky seems darker since then
And Jokes a little less funny.
I can only see colour
Smiling at times long since decayed.
There isn't sadness, not really.
I wish;
Just a haze, a great fog that hangs
Like leaves teasing the ground in autumn
Slowly browning and casting a shadow
Upon the cracked pavement
Long since tired of footsteps
That just chip away at me
And move on.

Soon All
Will be

Soon All
Will be
Alex Dec 2020
I've been watching my whole life,
Observing it
From a distance, like a stranger.
I keep scratching
Trying to get in, to be seen
But I can't.
My fingernails scrape, tear
And bleed.
A sad attempt at being human but
This life doesn't belong to me,
Not really,
Not truly.
Alex Dec 2020
I'm different.
But I don't think that you're the same,
It's such a shame
Your face erased straight from my brain
Yet, I can't explain
Why the feeling still remains.

I'm listening."
**** I forgot what I was to say,
You're a summers day.
My hearts been in an awful way
I'm not okay
Since my summer went away.
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