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Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
Glorious clouds
You, who reign
in the vast plains
of the sky
You, who hide us
from the outside glance
You are God's eternal
brush for his canvas
His mood and sentiments
are dipicted upon
your ***** body
Dani Nov 2018
Your heart starts out strong
A break in the chain makes it all wrong
Starts with strength and will
Ends with being helplessly ill
The road block starts with a curious glance
Too soon are you following the dance
Showing the world where you went wrong
I thought you could have been so strong
You have the will and all the power
Take what is yours and build a tower
A wall between you and a curious glance
You can always be what you once were
Strong hearted and always absolutely sure
This battle is tough and only that
A fight to **** off using a loving bat
Show the world what you are worth
You start out strong from birth
Be what you were born to be
A bird that loves back and is free
Follow the correct dance
The one you knew at first glance
Listen to what is true
You know what to do
Written 2012
For a friend who just could not see he IS better than the drugs.
Denise Uy Oct 2018
Scan the room, pause at you, blink, scan and pretend I didn't just glance at you.
Look up, pause at you, blink, sweep my eyes away from you.
Lean on the table, look relaxed, write things absently.
I see you at the corner of my eye, scanning the room, pausing at me,
blinking, and pretending you didn't just glance at me.
Looking up, pausing at me, blinking, sweeping your eyes away from
Permission to push down the butterflies, please?
Let me just try to wipe the ****** smile off my face. XD
Delia Grace Sep 2018
And we’re close in a way
That I couldn’t explain
With your comforting gaze
In the soft morning rain
And the water drips down
On my bare blinking lids
And you’re still there
When my eyes open again

Everyone longs for the sun
Or the sea
To be looking back at them
Through the space in between
But your darkness stares back
With a warmth deep inside
And I hope you hold true
As my fall intervenes

I’m partial to darkness
While the day still stands high
The contrast is simple
Against royal skies
With a comfort in place
And a turning of string
And you strike a sweet chord
With a soft song in mind

And the lyrics you hear
Of the sea and the sun
Don’t talk about feelings
That hit like a gun
When the starlight shines down
And you brighten to gold
You’re a bright brand new amber
And I am undone
A commentary on brown eyes
Luci Beck Sep 2018
When you step your feet on
The dance floor
Do you wish for more?
Maybe you know how to move
Maybe there's something to prove
But once you walk-on

You begin to lose your sense
As music takes control
You start to dance with your soul
Your feet move without you
You just have to makedo
While the room becomes tense

You dance your last dance
As you start to look up
You feel yourself burning up
It's finally all over
Maybe there will be some closure
For this was a first glance

Into your dream of dance
RedD Sep 2018
From across the room
I catch a glimpse

You stand tall
Physical yet vulnerable

Longing holds my heart in chains
Remembering times we have spent


I feel this each time
I catch a glimpse

Of you

Lets break these chains
My love
If only everyone in the room could see how much I want you S
Seanathon Sep 2018
You are ember with less orange
You are tree bark true and brook trout at play
You are earthy as the hollow dell in the Catskills still
Turning as the waterways

You are ever moving, always slight
Looking back over those delicate shoulders of yours
To the footprints of me
And in the time spent therein not a day’s older

I don’t know her name
But I know what I see
Passing. Glances. Scent of trees.
Rachna Pattnaik Aug 2018
Nothing can define those eyes,
Which use to twinkle at my one glance...
b Jul 2018
i never understood,
until now,
the appeal of
dying old.
on a porch swing,
dog at my lap
brew to my right.

it seemed so
useless to me.
until i saw
the sun set
a second time.
i never catch
a first glance.
i grow fond
for a second look.

i am so tired
of the hawks
that are bound
to my chest with
wire pulling my
baby skin away
from me. i am
too scared to
let them leave
my sight.

i have kept
fright inside for
too long. i
thought i had
something to lose
but that already
left too.

all the
good things
in life have
somewhere to be

and i am
in my childhood
bedroom weaning
off the milk.
writing poems
for no one.
for myself.
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