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Amy Perry Jun 24
To meet one who you’ve only known
In passing glances
And to fall in love
With reckless abandon.
Emily Mar 21
Harmonies and melodies music is comprised
Creating joyous tunes for the ear to enjoy
Dancers move in patterns synchronized
While feet are busy creating dance moves deploy

Round and round in a circle dancers go
Swinging their partners all a-twirl
They turn and spin
Careful not to step on feet below

Even as the music ends
Notes lingering in listeners ears
Long heartfelt gazes extend
Past the present and into many before years

Clasped hands linger, as if glued together
Adoring and hungry gazes beheld
Dreams of continued better forever
Are the only concerns upheld
Mrs Anybody Mar 9
i always
look forward
to tuesday

cause on tuesdays
i am able to
see you
for an whole hour
of just
catching glances
at you
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I could wait for you all my life
With only simple glances to keep me going
Ineffable Jun 2019
Everytime I look at you,
I see us in your eyes.
For each glance of yours
Proves our love is real and not lies.
Lucky are those people who find their half early in life.
Mary Frances Nov 2018
You feasted yourself with
the beauty you saw in front of me.
The smiles, the laughter, and
the nonsense talks behind
those mischievous glances.
Yet you never cared to look
or even spare a glimpse
at the scars branded at my back.
schuyler Jun 2018
old, cracked marble busts
of people lost to the folds of history.
weathered, ancient scripts of dust
about people forgotten in misery.
we steal glances at each other,
your eyes wander over the rim of your tortoise-shell glasses.
my gaze flicking back to my yellowing book,
cautious of how long it lasted.
hearts thudding in the study
cannot be heard by each other but we still worry.
Natasha May 2018
The rain puddles in the cracked city pavement, a drowning vision of striking familiarity. Nostalgia encasing those mulling over their Earl Greys in coffee shops. A wooden stir dissipates the bubbles in the steaming liquid, contrasted by the cool droplets streaking down the ordinary windows. As breathing slows, eyes lock deep in thought upon the bustling, grey castle streets. She slows as she steps to the sidewalk, meeting a gaze before they realize. Her face like snow, her lips like two tiny rose petals just starting to push from their blossom. Her eyes as dark as they are deep, rounded and child-like. Coming to, the strangers been locked on one another for just half a second longer than deemed socially acceptable. She breaks stare, adjusts her bag; and with her hooded head to the ground, makes her way past the old coffee shop.
all for you May 2018
i should've known
stolen glances
were just that

why do i keep looking too deep into everything? // love always
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