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Don’t focus on your problems
Or cry “The Sky is Falling”
Like startled Chicken Little
And all your work be stalling

You can focus on your tasks
Like the Little Red Hen chose
For her daily work and effort
Will build her wealth - she knows

Chicken Little authored fear
In those with whom she spoke
Causing all to leave their work
As their confidence she broke

The Red Hen on the other hand
Gave example to her friends
And if they didn’t help this time
She will win them in the end

So choose to be a strong Red Hen
With diligence - and vision too
And do not let “Chicken Littles”
Attempt to put their fears in you
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J Michael Apr 12
“Paul’s dilemma”
A headline of my life
Hidden passions of doing
The things I ought not
While the things I should
Exacerbate a shyness of action
I drain the precious resource
Like a religion I’ve committed
Lord knows my vices
And time as always
A fox beneath the vine
Sarah Kersey Oct 2016
It's the slow beginning of the burning of a torch before the Olympic ceremony commences
Instead of the 200 meter sprint or who can do the butterfly in the least amount of seconds, we measure the diligence of our players
It's like having a world record book full of seemingly average accomplishments that feel like the biggest struggle of all of eternity
We are the gladiators of the apparently normal, often not knowing how to show our love for others because we are so distracted by finding one last bit of strength to carry us through the finish line
And yet we are here
Gaining medals for the simple pleasures such as going a day at college without missing our pets back home
And it's nothing extraordinary
But it's something
We are seeing a faint spark of light in all the new blank, dark and unfamiliar canvas that is our new territory
And the future stands before us in the shadows
Waiting for us to find the determination to ignite our torches
She diligent
and indigenous
here palladium
sought rally
call nigh
defiant shore
and untested
water with  
her only
real rationale
foreseen with
motive and
her intransigent
caper that
her heart
beholden belligerent
with peace.
A day for peace
Spike Harper Jul 2016
For what it worth.
Every inch of me.
In pain.
And agony...
Not in the way you.
I anger.
At all the moments that remain.
Tucked away.
The quiet.
Deafens me.
Torment in the likes of hidden emotions.
Behind pleasant smiles.
I come crawling.
I hunt the ever elusive affection.
Most nights it remains just out of reach.
I cannot deny.
This desire.
Regardless of what i have sustained.
Each wound evaporates by morning.
And with each new moon.
Do i become.
A more perfect hunter.
To my robin
Brings truth and life to my enemy.

God is Love.
Jesus showed us this Love.
For I was His enemy.

Delivered me
a package of His one Living True Word satisfying and made whole
Through Jesus Christ alone shall
"Enlightenment" be obtained
Retained and maintained as the
Constant that holds all things together
Colossians 1:17 "He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together"

Watch the video by Louie Giglio on Laminin.
Gita Aug 2015
This nebulous life is like a puzzle dissipated,
When you can't comprehend what's real, fake, clear, or faded.
Clueless, mystified, seeking inspiration,
Meaningless alliteration,
Inadequate concentration,
Diligence and dedication,
What I need is a vacation.
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