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Zywa Jan 9
The veteran fights

on the battlefield, at home --

on his survey maps.
"Frammento di cronaca di Marco Leccio e della sua guerra sulla carta nel tempo della grande guerra europea" – III, IV, V ("Fragment of a chronicle of Marco Leccio and his war on the map in the time of the Great War in Europe" – III, IV, V, 1919, Luigi Pirandello)

Collection "Specialities"
Axion Prelude Apr 2021
"My mind is everywhere right now.. [it] isn't focused on one thing when I have so much going on right now"

I know deeply. I know best, outside of it all. Trust me, it pains me every day.

From the sweet messages to our time together, there is an emptiness I can literally see. In you, between us: I can feel your pain, I can literally feel it, like it's filling my veins. I do truly feel it all.

It's never not on my mind, the struggles you go through.

The pain you feel.. I felt yours, while I still have my own. I embrace you, not knowing how or why, but as if it were the only thing I knew to do; like it was alwasy meant to be, meant for you; to be calm, to give you a place of reprieve.

Even if just for a moment I could give you some sense of peace, or even joy, I could know you will be okay. To see you smile, to hear your laughter, but in spite?.. I know, everything will be okay.

But until that moment, until a time when the dust settles and some sense of normality or goodness can be had without the sense of dread burning down the lines that keep one's bridges safe and secure, I can never be truly satisfied, or content, or even happy, on my own. Not that I would be incapable, but I would not choose to feel that without knowing you do too.

I would not leave you behind, I would not set you aside, I will never ignore you. Because, I've seen your soul; I've touched your aura, I know your kindness, and to watch an angel burn like that instills this rattling pain that resonates through me, entirely. It hurts, more than anything I've known before. It hurts me to know you're struggling; the indecisiveness and foggy mind..

In secret places you still remember, I know it whispers to you softly, all the things you wish you never had to know; and it breaks my heart over and over to know yours could ever be so broken right now, too..
SomaSonata Aug 2020
Take a breath
Close your eyes
Blooming bright
**** a star
Pave the way
Lay the tar
Can't see
Burning trees
In the fields
The battlefield
Never leave
When I die
Orange skies
Cut me loose
Breathe anew
Hide the weak
For a week
Mute the meek
Tied my tongue
Kiss the sun
Money's spent
No way out
Turn around
Scream aloud
Dying proud
Endless pain
Soaking wet
****** rain
Cry alone
But not today
Ever feel that way?
Angiepraise Jul 2020
There is this place inside
Whose door is tightly shut
But strangers still trespass
Without a key or a polite knock
Some stay, others bang the door and dash out.
Is this your heart?
Love yourself enough, protect your heart with all diligence
Zywa Jun 2020
My tongue is washing

my plate, Grandpa doesn't like it –

that I don't mean it.
“Eten, eten roept grootvader” (“Eat, eat exclaims Grandfather”, 2011, Ellen Deckwitz)

Collection "Stream"
George Krokos Mar 2020
Be brave oh my soul,
be very diligent and brave,
draw on the strength and intelligence
that the Lord God to you gave.
Written a few years ago.
Don’t focus on your problems
Or cry “The Sky is Falling”
Like startled Chicken Little
And all your work be stalling

You can focus on your tasks
Like the Little Red Hen chose
For her daily work and effort
Will build her wealth - she knows

Chicken Little authored fear
In those with whom she spoke
Causing all to leave their work
As their confidence she broke

The Red Hen on the other hand
Gave example to her friends
And if they didn’t help this time
She will win them in the end

So choose to be a strong Red Hen
With diligence - and vision too
And do not let “Chicken Littles”
Attempt to put their fears in you
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