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Sonia Thomas May 1
There are oceans in my body,
In your eyes,
And between us.

I have walked on water before and drowned.
My holy arms and legs said names and wrapped men as presents that they didn't deserve to be.

I am prone to wishful thinking
And my rapidly closing eyes
Are already building sandcastles.

Tear them down.
Tear them down.
Like you wore and tore me down.

Set me on fire and end me.
Nothing and too much are two extremes I have lived in.
Now bridge them and let me die.
Nat Lipstadt Aug 2013
What poem will you wear, when first we meet?

How will I recognition-you,
when you transverse my land?
Unknown our faces, our voices,
Only silent words electronic exchanged

Will lantern, it be: one, if by land, two, if by sea?
Will your ID badge, passport stamped and state,
Your chest bear a witness-sign?

The Arrivals Board flashes:
                    une poétesse est arrivé
                    eine Dichterin ist angekomme
                    a poetess has arrived
                    una poetisa ha llegado

Will there be a haiku in your hair,
A limerick exposed by raucous grin,
Or just ten words
allotted for your entire visit?

Desperate to locate
Urgent to sensate
Matters I take
Into two cupped hands,
On the shoeshine stand
Climb and recite-shout

Know me by my words,
Know me by the lilt lyrical
Of my American accented,
Canadian Tongue of my mother

Know me by my words,
Carved by time on my forehead,
Poetry is the blood of this fool's soul,
Hear me, find me, look upon me slamming

Poems are the thorns in my palms,
See me crucified, bleeding stanzas
Upon my shoeshine stand cross
Recitation resuscitation welcoming:

Benedicting Gloria, Gloria, Gloria

But if this should fail your attention to secure,
Or the TSA unappreciate my second coming,
Look for the crowd gathered round,
A man of moderate height, in a tall hat,
Beard scraggly, looking sorrowful
Reciting the Gettysburg Address

Either way,
Should be easy peasy to find me,
Grab your bag, off to short-term parking

This is how an Americana poet meets n' greets
Arriving poetess from a foreign land

Is there any other way?
Alas, five years on and I know in my heart
that you are not coming...
Aug 2013
My indifferent shelf of admonition
Sets a precedent for a series of irrational
Particularly, drops of consumable poison

This poison, you see, induces tranquility
But instills aggressiveness into your
My words are incoherent and
blurred like my deteriorating mind

My indifferent shelf of admonition
Sets a precedent for a series of
broken shards in the glass of life,
Particularly, drops of poison that
kills us to make us feel alive

One bottle of blithe at a time

Keep those bottles up on those shelves.
Osiria Melody Mar 13
Scrolls through your feed,
Urge to LIKE and COMMENT on
each of your posts
[Refrains from doing so]
Am I a creep for stalking your
profile back to day 1?

We don't connect in real life,
unlike instantly on social media
FOLLOWING each other's posts
throughout the year
Falling in love behind a
screen of an idealized world

I've never heard your voice
I've never held your hand
I've never spent time IRL
with you
I hope that you look the same
like your profile picture, though

Should we meet IRL? I dunno, LOL.
I'm sorry.
I think you've
make my day so bright,
I going to have to
wear sunglasses
so I don't lose
my sight.
There really are some special and bright people our there!
Johnny walker Feb 14
Most Important thing through poetry I've learned since I began Is to believe write from your

Never stray from the path believe In yourself of the poems you write and not what others may tell

Read fellow poets poems on this site for In doing so you will learn so much about poetry

And through this site, the poetry you write and knowledge gained you will become so much better in your poetry

Never be too proud accept any advice because this Is what will take from a good writer to a great

So hang In there never give up writing your poems and most Important always write what you believe
Always listen to fellow poets
believe In yourself and what you write never stay from the path you are comfortable with
just to please others
kiran goswami Jan 29
And the irony is,
Those who ask themselves every day
Which mask to wear,
Are the ones who want me to be real.
Nathalie Dec 2018
You can bring joy to others
or you can offer them sorrows
The choice is always yours

Life can gift you sunshine
or shower you with rain
As your wish, it will grant it

You can find magic
Once you allow walls of doubt
to crumble and exist no more

Everyone has the chance to rise
above it all; wear
their shine and dress it proud.

Anne Webb Dec 2018
You stretched your arm forward
and held out your hand
I tore out my heart
gave it over and waited
for you to tear it apart

._   ._   ._  

But you took it
and placed it on your sleeve
although I hoped that maybe
you could hide it in a safe
and take care of it for me

._   ._   ._  

And so there it stays
my exposed, beating heart
you wear it on your sleeve
vulnerable  ._   ._   ._  
and you take it with you whenever you leave.
I fell in love... And it made me feel vulnerable. More vulnerable than I ever felt in my entire life. It makes me scared. But in a good way, I think. Or at least I hope.
killian Oct 2018
If you were
To wear my skin
You’d find pebbles
In the bottom of my feet,
Like limbs that fall asleep
From sedentary sport.
It’s crumbled potential energy
That gravity pulls down,
Like gemstones
That can never shine.
They cut sharp
Under my feet and
Kept me on my toes
Until I stumbled onto a bed.
You could feel the plastic bags
Under my eyes, torn from the street,
Ripping from utter stress.
You could feel the spray paint can
Stiff and cold and pink
And a finger shaking, pressing down,
Waiting to paint my eyes and nose.
If you wore my skin,
You would feel that my tears
Were melting plastic, lava,
But it feels oh so good
To have color on my eyes
and a reason to be cared.
You’re going to have to seep out
While everything else crawls in.
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