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Corona is taking
Its toll
It's now air borne
Don't panick
Act bravely
Stay at home
As far as you can
Inhale steam 3-4 times
Corona seriously infecting you
Chances you reduce
Don't dispense with masks
Make difficult corona's task
God helps those
Who help themselves
Keep it in mind
Give power to your will
Chanting God's name
Victorious you would emerge
Ending corona surge!
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
My scars scare many
But pain is a gold medal
I wear wounds with pride
So **** what they think
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
I wear scars on my body like first place medals in the pain olympics
Proud of my past pain
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
She has a golden heart
She is a madonna
She wears the mask
Not for corona
Just to appear a prima donna
She has a golden heart
She is a madonna
She wears the mask
Zack Ripley Apr 2019
How can I show you I care about more than just your looks or the clothes that you wear?
How can I make you understand all I need to be happy is to hold your hand?
I know guys hurt you in the past and it doesn't mean much when we say we're different; that we're going to last.
So I won't say any of that. I'll just keep on loving you until you love me too.
Even if that never happens, there's one thing I need to make sure is clear. Every day I spend with you makes me smile ear to ear
Ezinne Feb 2020
Stronger than superman,
Smarter than iron man,
Braver than batman,
He who holds the key to my heart.

You catch me when I fall,
You hold my hand and lead me out of the darkness,
An old,bitter and lonely soul,
You transformed to a new,sweet and happy soul,
This I say from the bottom of my heart ,
A model I look up to you as.

My sunlight in daytime,
My moonlight in night time,
I never want to loose you ,
Not in this would or the next.

Can you feel where the wind blows,
Can you feel it flowing through,
No day goes by and a thought of you does my mind not go through,
Can't live without my hero.

Whenever I need someone to talk too,
You're there,
Whenever I need someone to hold on too,
You're there,
You're someone i never wish to loose,
You're someone who owns a special place in my heart,
Forever I cherish you deep in my soul,
Poetic T Feb 2020
We ghetto rich,
         I'm a Primark star..

I got every piece of original

    Priā€¦ and I've neve bee
marked down in price,

I'm  beautiful....

No need for rich chick flicks..

I own what I got, make the most

         of what I'm given.

Beauty isn't what you got,

                 its what you do with it,

Never looking down always forward.

Because I make the most of what I have,

you work hard, we make do..

   I'm Pre-fabulous...

And its not what you wear,

                       but how you wear it.
rgz Dec 2019
how many bots could a robot boot if a robot could boot bots?
they're coming
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