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Karijinbba Jul 16
~ lover poet friend~
Do with us as you please
~RD for angel K~
You aligned us but we the lovers turn the keys to accept or decline even our frantic tantric joy where we rhyme.

For too long I shot my doors fearing flinching distance will have the last laugh.
then came my love RD
and I can touch Raj places
no one can and he
Mine that much more.

Β Β I am over being out of timeΒ Β 
Not taking more blows
I exude security confidence power value my yes and nos are good I am myself

If you must to her go who
waits for her younger half
green needing wear, Go.
And you keep your love and Angel K me on hold;?
I rather keep your sword
And Z dagger in hearts orb.
The cosmos needs nothing
Why should I? I showed you how my journey can prosper us both and our family!

not you and ur other Z.
We mirrored each other searching for long lost lovers yet all you see is distance.
And your Z.
There are so many songs to play many lovely little things to live for yours and mine.

Remember make up your mind for our gates to open up your tiny window z must close-respect my freedom of speech.
My love and feelings matter
Yours matter more to me.

We are at crossroads
I've been here before
Dignity whispers
I am disciplined in the art of love and boundaries.
I ain't door mat for lovers rainny days.
By Karijinbba.
Jammit Janet Jul 12
Poetry in motion
Hair in the wind
One with my emotions
Dedicated to the present
Full of presence
As I roll around
Words and wheels
Healing the world's essence.
Jammit Janet Jul 9
Beautiful 🏝
Green 🌱✨
Vibrant πŸ¦‹βœ¨
Mother Earth 🌎✨
You lift up my soul 🎈✨

You fill me with wonder πŸ’­βœ¨
Inner peace ✌️✨
Tranquility πŸƒβœ¨
More value πŸ’°βœ¨
Than any amount of gold πŸ…βœ¨
John McCafferty Jul 2020
Blame the restraints
for putting things off
When juggling lots
are you equipped to restrict
Having let previous priorities slip
Is a sense of urgency necessary
to measure the relevance of discipline

Hesitant rings when the end is nigh
The bottom line aligned to confine
Day turns to night in the passage of time
Ignorance's bliss blisters bright
As the goal is narrowing
A margin call for all your foresight
You've done enough not to miss
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
We are the ones who are done for
the recycled youth as we are known
it's pretty sad, I know
But believe me
We are born for something more
something big, something from folklore

I know it sounds strange coming from me
A highschool dropout with no college degree
But believe me
we are here and we can see
We can see the changing times
We can see the tension rise
We can see the shifting paradigm
we get it and it's almost time
Almost time for the great surprise

So get up and take your sweet time
but please, stay true and stay aligned
For it is almost wartime.
Created by me on January 3rd, 2020
Colm Nov 2019
I was walking
Down a path of premeditated evergreen
Kicking at pinecones with a well-known song
When you came along
And in looking down at this discovery
Not that you fell too far for me
But there you were
Most beautiful and suddenly
There and aware
You became known to me
Suddenly they appear... What a wonderful way to live life.
Mihle Mdashe Dec 2018
The stars are aligned,
That's why I'm your stargirl,
And you're my starboy.
Your eyes hold galaxies in them,
That's why I'm forever captivated by you.
I'm transfixed by your effortless allure.
You've stripped me bare
And still looked at me in awe.
I've seen numerous galaxies,
By just staring into your eyes.
My starboy,
Loves the most,
And jokes the most.
Put a smile up on my face,
Frowning seems so foreign.
Romeo's lips.
Those lips awaken the devil in me.
Those lips have kissed all my valleys.
Together we steal stars and planets,
Together we build our own universe.
You are the coonstellion that guides me.
Colm May 2018
Pull the paper from the walls
   The color from the tiles beneath
Pull my mind from the strangers way
   And title me, not as one thing
But as first and foremost, THE SON of a king
To him all goodness is owed. Amen.
Yusof Asnan May 2018
In that fleeting
He caught her
eyes in his.
It's like the
universe itself;
Has been aligned
for them.

Zero Nine Jun 2017
Forgot how deep my love
for chaotic thoughts
But you've been with me for years
and I don't see you going anywhere
Forgot how much karma
***** on sweet fools like you
I swear I'm not evil aligned
It's just too opportune
and my sweet fool, to you
i whisper in your loving ear
i'm but an opportunist.
This is what I see in the mirror. It's difficult to remember now if there's any deeper truth to it.
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