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The monotone mumbling of a prayer
rumbling and memorized
i hear it
in my third eye
or my third ear
what, can't you hear?
the sounds of the faithful
who pretend to be unbreakable
but are just people
who pray at the cathedral
to a marvelous person
of which the existence
is uncertain
He who created the world
and then left us to destroy it.
unpopular opinion:
we aren't really living
but we aren't really willing
to give this false life up,
you wonder,
do we live in this life
if something inspired
is on the other side
well we don't know,
we are humanity,
a mix of profanity
of hate
of lust
and a false understanding
of what we are
and what we can be
so we pray to something
that we can't see
so we are bold and confused
broken, overused.
and still we believe what we tell ourselves true
but we are just cells and atoms
remnants of cosmic dust
rejected by the universe
and I mean no offence
to those who believe in
a mighty man in the sky
but I cannot
not because I can't see him
or because I can't feel him
but because
I do not know him
and sadly
I do not wish to
call it weak
or call it strong
but I do not belong
with the saints
hung on my mother's walls
I do not belong anywhere
because I do not see
fate or luck
all I see
are the mistakes
humanity has made
and I do not know
if someone
is watching me now
write this poem
hiding behind
two sided glass
but if someone is,
I only ask of them this:
"what truly awaits us?"
a ramble
(a little controversial, and I am sorry but I just had to write like me.)
Saint Audrey Dec 2017
Fine things lining pockets
And flawed gems from a faucet
It took a month to mar the clauses
long forgotten fiends and flowing
Nature lost scenery

It might be menial, but if I don't like the imagery
I'd use a run on and run on, running on
Fumes like carbon clouds, bowing at the center
Of the hopelessness I've found

Of moths and flame, danger and wanting
Nature and harboring diseases and watching
Crystalline precipices overblown from cold
Rain, eroding stone long since lain

Homes blown through in half a day
Another half century laid waste
Forage a new course for the streams
The selfish, like me only disagree

Despite the discontent
Restless nights and fires burning low
Into the biting air, a show of flair
Its not right, or fair to vent

Hollow, it would seem
Still stable, the ecosystem of
Constant change
Trying to be heard over a flood of filth

Tidal waves painting fields
Recessing long since venerated guest
Retaking ocean lost to sandy beaches
And kids with half a dream left in them
I spent my last penny on a whim
Halle Oct 2017
I don’t know where I’m going
But I know it will be grand

How far must I go?
Before I get
To where I’m going

What awaits me?
Who will be by my side?

I do not know
But I must go
G Rog Rogers Sep 2017

A near and present
future awaits


A near and present future.

Saint Audrey Aug 2017
I watch them fold up into my palm
And I see them take shape, as lines are drawn
Always looking down, lost but ever found
Until I found the one, who broke my solemn crown

Now, I stand here shaken
Unsure of what to do
Because everything inside me
I've found the same in you

So I tried for simple
And I tried to rearrange
I tried for love, but defiant, nothing changed
I tried to follow, this path I've since refused
Because now I know, I never should have tried
And for you, I refuse to lose

I can see it building higher, behind your searching eyes
Looking for a reason, confusion on the rise
I know you thought that you had broken through
To be left vacant, as my own I do reprise

And I don't know why this world keeps turning for me
And I sure as hell don't think it would for you
Depression and its icy grip
Might be enough to make one sick

If not, for this

And now we know, that this just wasn't true
Tell me, what was I supposed to do?
I could have left with you in toe
And then we both would die, alone

But the time ticks out

And the tide goes out

As my light fades out

There's something I have known

I won't be coming back for you, and you won't be coming back for me
I hate to turn a back on you

But this distance is mandatory
Some people man...
Linda Terman Feb 2017

*Wants to be the old stone bridge
Awaits, sense the rain, sun and sleet
Until the day
You, just once step out
And I recognize your feet
On your way, across me
Then I could wait
more than five thousand years
On this delight
loveless Dec 2015
My friend,
Do you fly away now
To the world
That abhors you and I
All that awaits you
Is a somber morrow
No matter where
The winds may blow
My friend your desire
Is the bringer of life
The gift of the goddess
Even if the morrow
Is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall
My return
The fourth part of the poem LOVELESS

Each part have various interpretation
My interpretation
You will take flight
Even if the world hates us so
A painful tomorrow is all that waits for you
The twirling winds of fate will not stop their flow
From A Heart Oct 2015
We don't belong to this world, something better awaits us.
Flowers grow nearby
Awaits every sunrise
Fall asleep at night....

— The End —