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Veritia Venandi May 2021
Sometimes I am driven to a state of utter insanity by the incredulity of my own self.
How shamelessly I stand waiting under the sun looking up to the sky as if a sudden love would fall from it!
I scratch my own wounds making a fresh pain out of them to live through.
Was I not done with the devastating breakdown of my heart not many a while ago?
But like a woman hypnotised I am feverish with a new hope-This time a wish for burning.
Brokenness was bitter,I console myself but what if burning feels better.
I will play with the flames, dance with its passion,let it get into my body like a ghost and then die down along with it as ashes.
Maybe I am on the verge of doing much more than what my mind can accept.
But you know once you taste of love, you will always want more of it.

No matter whether it causes a breaking or a burning.
Thank you for reading this! ✨
Veritia Venandi Apr 2021
Of all the loves in the history of the world, ours was a one that could not be.

Like a newborn child dying the moment it is born, like a flower dropping to the ground the moment it blooms, like a fire put off the moment it begins burning,

Our affections were robbed of a life!

But maybe that is why, this blank space, this nothingness would cherish our love...
Because out of all the loves that stood, ours stood out more.

It was not a smooth trail of ink that took the shape of letters.
It was a blot of ink, a gigantic one that could not take a form and yet left behind a stain for the world to remember-Of a love that stirred hearts only to put them to sleep!
The many tales of love ❤
Thank you for reading!
Veritia Venandi Mar 2021
Something tugs at me from the veil of the ether,
Calling me to my real home!

In the faint twinkling of a dying star,
In the wilted petal of a bright flower,
In the melted wax of a long dead candle,
My mind searches for memories of a place so familiar
Yet whose existence maybe was only a lucid dream... !

Why this utter urge in my soul to dissolve like fine mist into the air?
Why this nagging sensation to mix with the soil and the sands?

I had lived my life too short for answers
But way too long to ask  questions
That I always look into myself to remember the one reason as to not being able to call this bewilderingly beautiful walls-
"My home...!"
Scribbled something after a long, long time... Hope all of you are doing fine, my dearest poets ! ❤✨
Veritia Venandi Feb 2021
On a pallid afternoon, interspersed with thoughts of occult days,
I, my palettes and brushes sit down with the hope of splashing colours on the white void surrounding me...
Yet like a white hole it absorbs all the colours leaving behind a blank space!
Perhaps some days are like a dense fog inside and out...
And I am not yet certain whether to be proud or to regret,
What such days of gloom has taught me...
But one thing is certain, that all the moments coalesced together has taught me to paint a portrait of nothingness-
The thing that does not exist yet which threatens to live in the deepest chambers of my unruly mind!
And when I feel empty, I empty my soul into paper... Perhaps then,I can become full!
Hope you all are doing well, dear poets! ❤✨
Veritia Venandi Feb 2021
We have never met, never touched,never tried to get close to each other...
Our love was symbolised only as intimate conversations made from across the two ends of the universe...

The world as well as my 'beloved matter' were always baffled by so mysterious a romance...
And so one day when I could no longer carry my secret...
I sobbed out only to be consoled with so much invisible affections in return:
"I am antimatter, honey, separated we hold the cosmos, united we annihilate each other in a blinding flash of light into nothingness... "

And so we remained so very in love,every passing moment continuing to intrigue the world until the end of time!
The universe is a cosmic drama of unconditional love! ❤Thank you for reading this! :)
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