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Bellissima May 27
Through creaking doors
walk my ideas of people.
Cracked frames, bent and sullen.
Groaning hinges, bones
bruised and rusted.
Megan Parson Nov 2018
Do eerie screeches startle you at night?
Or screaming banshees, your worst fear highlight?
Sudden rumbling on a rusted line,
Flashing lights that freeze your spine!

A full Moon on a motionless sky,
Tis when steam engines haunt nigh.
Departed, are its crew & passengers,
A grandma, wearing her dentures.

Chubby children waving goodbyes,
Fixed with icy cold eyes.
Stuck in speeding time,
Urging me to write this rhyme.

Waiting for that day,
When the bogies no longer sway.
...Written during a train journey...
Silence Screamz Aug 2015
My heart is a machine
Broken gears and rusted
No longer ticking
It's cold metal and busted

I see the people
through slanted lenses
Cracked and diffused
Blank stare, no senses

Touch my drunk hands,
For feelings are sot
Grab and behold
Twisted up knot

I am not human,
my heart is not real
Get far away,
it's nothing to steal
Alan S Bailey Mar 2015
Even if I have to, I'll never give up,
For years you keep me in this locked
Box, the rusted key hole of "luck,"
Maybe I'll be rich one day, then I'll make
My dream happen, or maybe I'll die before
I can. Either way it just depends,
Thanks, my complacent "friends!"
Dedicated to all of our "GREAT FRIENDS" in society...
Emmy Feb 2015
The only faucet into which I pour out my inner thoughts
Has become silent
The handles are oxidizing and the pipes are frozen
Thousands of voices attack the metal walls in my mind
Echoing their thoughts until I swear up and down they're my own
October 10
Tristan Feb 2015
"It was in the past"
"Everyone who survived is now dead"*

Yet she still sits at the bottom of the ocean,
A once great, beautiful ship.
Now split in two.
Her once stark white body,
Still rusting and rotting.
Her passengers once full of life,
Now full of the icy water that took their lives.
The ship that was unsinkable,
another Titanic poem.
Poetic T Jul 2014
My heart rusted unused,
What once beat love
Only has cobwebs of regrets,
It is fragile to the touch
Love rusted away, what once
Beat strong,
Now it hardly moves
An engine of love unused
It needs to be buffed
By love from another heart,
To see what is beneath the tarnish
A broken heart, now in need of use
For now its rusting away,
A heart tarnished where love once beat.

— The End —