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Angge Mar 2019
it's hilarious
how a single statement
can make you curious

it's piteous
how a single statement
can make you furious
Angge Aug 2016
I know for a fact that I am talkative,
In which I find noise as something positive.

But when it comes to you, your eyes and your smile,
I can't help but think that silence can be worthwhile.
Angge Jul 2016
I used to think I was 'heartless'.
But maybe what I do is simply use my 'heart less'.
Angge May 2016
i wonder...
for how long will i be able to keep your interest
before i become just the mistress
Angge Mar 2016
Why are you still with him?
I thought you'd have a different man by now.

I'm bored enough to stay in this distraction.

Until when?

*Until I'm no longer bored with him.
A collab with Taki. :)
Angge Mar 2016
My excuse to think of you...
Angge Dec 2015
Wrath of War
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Wings of Whimsey
Words of Wisdom
World of Wonder
Day 6 - Write a poem of any length incorporating every word from your latest Facebook status.
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